20 Bathroom Essentials For Your First Apartment

Bathroom Items List For New Home
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Moving out for the first time and have no idea what to purchase to furnish your new home?

Having the right bathroom essentials for your first apartment makes all the difference because, spoiler alert, you spend more time than you think in this room.

20 First Apartment Bathroom Essentials

Did you know that it was found through a British poll that UK adults spend on average 416 days of their lives in the bathroom?

With so much time spent here, you’ll want to make sure you are surrounded by an environment that you like.

If it’s your first time moving out, whether you’re moving into a college dorm or your first big girl apartment, keep reading to check out this bathroom necessities list.

bathroom essentials for your first apartment

Before we get onto the list, grab my printable bathroom essentials checklist along with other furniture and essentials for every room you’ll need in one easy package. It even includes a shopping list so it’s easy for you to keep track of what you still need to purchase.

first apartment essentials checklist

1. Shower Curtain

shower curtain peach

A shower curtain is a must-have item for your tub and it’s also a great way to decorate your bathroom and inject a little bit of personality into the room. Don’t forget to also get a shower curtain rod as well as shower curtain rings.

2. Bath Rug

bath rug

A bath rug with a non-skid rubber bottom is great to have when you’re coming out of the shower and you don’t want to wet the floor. I recommend getting a rug made of water-resistant material so that the rug will dry more quickly.

3. Shower Caddy

norris shower caddy

Don’t like cluttering your shower tub rim with dozens of bottles? You’ll want to hang or install a shower caddy.

4. Bath Tub Tray

bathtub caddy tray

If you love taking baths to relax and unwind after a long day, this bathtub caddy tray is so useful if you want to use your laptop or tablet, eat, drink, or read a book while you relax in the water.

5. Bathroom Shelf

freestanding bathroom shelf

Don’t have a place to store your toilet paper rolls, extra soap, and other bath necessities? A bathroom shelf can help you store things while saving space.

6. Hand Towel

monogram personalized hand towel for bathroom

A soft hand towel always comes in handy after washing your hands. This one is monogrammed for a more personalized touch.

7. Bath Towel

100% turkish cotton bath towels

Do you love hotel bath towels? You can have this experience too with a 100% Turkish cotton bath towel in your very own bathroom.

8. Shower Head

brushed nickel magnetic handheld showerhead

A high-quality shower head makes all the difference for a better shower experience. This shower head is detachable with a magnetic docking system – perfect for when you need to clean your bathtub.

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9. Hair Dryer

conair double ceramic hair dryer with ionic conditioning

Don’t forget to include a hair dryer on your bathroom essentials list so you don’t have to go a night with wet hair ever again.

10. Mirror

gold circular mirror

If your new place doesn’t come with a mirror, here’s a stylish bathroom mirror that will open up the space and add some charm.

bathroom necessities checklist

11. Toothbrush Holder

toothbrush holder

Keep your toothbrush and toothpaste organized on your counter with this toothbrush storage organizer.

12. Laundry Basket

rolling laundry basket with wash bag

If you don’t keep your laundry basket in the bedroom, you can store it in your bathroom.

13. Hand Soap Dispenser

hand soap and lotion dispenser

This hand soap and lotion dispenser set is cute yet functional and will upgrade your bathroom aesthetic.

first apartment bathroom essentials

14. Hand Soap

j.r. watkins liquid hand soap lemon scent

Add an aromatic hand soap for a luxurious handwashing experience for you and your guests. I love and recommend J.R. Watkins Liquid Soap as it has a very refreshing scent.

15. Toilet Paper

charmin ultra soft cushiony touch toilet paper

Don’t forget to stock up on toilet paper for your bathroom. I like the Charmin 2-ply toilet rolls because they’re super soft and are relatively strong for a great price.

16. Toilet Brush & Holder

oxo compact toilet brush

A toilet brush & toilet holder is a definite must if you want to keep your toilet nice and clean. This one is compact and perfect for small spaces.

17. Plunger

toilet plunger

Don’t be caught unprepared when your toilet gets clogged (because it will happen at least once!). Make sure you get a toilet plunger for any emergencies.

18. Toilet Disinfectant

lysol power toilet bowl cleaner

A powerful toilet bowl cleaner is so important to keep the bacteria and mold at bay. This one is 10x as strong so you’ll get all the gunk out easily.

19. Shower Drain Hair Catcher

silicone shower and tub drain protector

Have long hair and your shower drain tends to get clogged? Save yourself the hassle of having to use a snake by having a silicone shower and tub drain protector.

20. Air Freshener

airwick air freshener plugin

A great-smelling washroom is better than a smelly one. This Air Wick Plug-In Scent Oil Starter Kit includes two warmers and 6 refills so you’ll be stocked.

Have you snagged your printable first home essentials checklist yet? If not, get yours now.

first apartment essentials checklist

More First Home Essentials

bathroom necessities for your first apartment

What is on your list of bathroom essentials for your new apartment?

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