30 Of The Best Coffee Gifts For Coffee Lovers

best coffee gifts
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We all have a friend or family member that just cannot go through a day without a cup of joe in the morning, so what better way to show them that you’re thinking about them than with the best coffee gifts that will light up their mornings.

If you’re ready to help fuel their love for caffeine this Christmas, keep on reading for this holiday season’s best gifts for coffee drinkers.

30 Of The Best Coffee Gifts For Coffee Lovers

best gifts for coffee drinkers

1. Nespresso Vertuo Espresso And Coffee Machine

Nespresso Vertuo Espresso Coffee Machine

Do they love drinking their espressos? They absolutely need this Nespresso machine!

2. Coffee & Vintage Book Club Subscription Box

coffee & vintage book club subscription box

If they love books and coffee, the Coffee & Vintage Book Club subscription box is the one for them! Each month they’ll receive a box full of surprise goodies.

3. Arabica Coffee Scrub

arabica bean coffee scrub

Give them the gift of beautiful skin with this luxurious Arabica coffee scrub.

4. Coffee Then Conquer Mug

coffee then conquer coffee mug

For people who must have their coffee first thing in the morning, this coffee then conquer mug is a great gift for coffee lovers who love to get stuff done.

5. I Love Coffee Adult Coloring Book

i love coffee coloring book

Coloring books aren’t just for kids. This I love coffee coloring book is a perfect addition to their stress relief self-care routine to wind down with and de-stress.

6. Double Walled Mug Set

double walled mugs

Drinking coffee from clear double walled mugs is a whole other vibe. Gift them this beautiful mug set today!

7. Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Do they love K-cup coffees? This Keurig K-Duo coffee maker has both a carafe brewer and K-cup pod option that will be sure to brighten up their day depending on their mood.

8. Coffee Pillow Case

life begins after coffee pillow cover

but first, coffee throw pillow case

This “but first, coffee” throw pillow cover is a must for any coffee lovers’ home decor.

9. Milk Frother

milk frother

Help them top their latte and cappuccinos with this handy milk frother. It can be used for both warm and cold milk.

10. Coffee Lover Charms Bracelet

For any coffee drinkers who have a secondary love for jewelry, this coffee charms bracelet is a perfect mix of the two.

11. Rustic Mug Wall Shelf Rack

wall mounted coffee mug shelf

Every coffee lover needs a rack to display their beautiful coffee mugs. This rustic wall shelf is a great addition to any kitchen and makes a great coffee present.

12. Coffee Advent Calendar

k-cup coffee advent calendarK-Cup Advent Calendar

coffeebrewer coffee advent calendar25 Days Of Hand-Roasted Coffee Advent Calendar

Do they love surprises? These advent calendars are perfect for coffee lovers.

13. Coffee Filter Holder

farmhouse style coffee filter holder

This farmhouse coffee filter holder is a must to beautifully display their filters.

14. Coffee Wall Art Print

coffee love wall art print

Do they love wall art? A great present for coffee lovers is this lovely coffee wall art print.

15. Temperature Controlled Mug

temperature controlled smart mug

A cold cup of joe is a huge no-no! Gift them this temperature control smart mug to solve their cold coffee problems.

16. K-Cup Carousel

k-cup carousel

This carousel is perfect to store and display their K-cups on the kitchen counter.

17. The Coffee Dictionary: An A-Z of Coffee

the coffee-dictionary - from a to z

This A-Z dictionary is a must for every coffee fanatic.

18. Coffee Scented Soy Candle

fresh coffee soy wax candle in an amber jarFresh Coffee Scented Candle

12 oz iced coffee candlesIced Coffee Candle

Salted Caramel Frappe Candle

These coffee scented soy candles will be sure to help bring some happiness to their day.

19. French Press Coffee Maker

chambord french press

A French press is a great addition to a coffee lovers’ collection.

20. Single Cup Club Subscription Box

single cup club coffee lovers subscription box

If they’re a K-cup fanatic, this Single Cup Club subscription box is sure to give them a variety of new coffees to try each month.

21. Manual Coffee Grinder

stainless steel manual coffee grinder

Whole coffee beans need to be ground somehow! Add this manual coffee grinder to their collection today.

22. Electric Coffee Grinder

electronic coffee grinder

If they don’t like manually grinding their own coffee beans, this electric grinder is a great alternative.

23. Coffee Warmer

mug warmer

If they work at their desk all day long, this coffee warmer is a must.

24. But First, Coffee Travel Mug

but first coffee tumbler

Hot coffee is a must for frequent travellers. This tumbler is so adorable and perfect for running to and from places.

25. Glass Tumbler Water Bottle

glass tumbler

A glass tumbler comes in handy for ice cold coffee drinks when they’re frequently on the go.

26. Chemex Glass Coffeemaker

glass coffee maker

Do they still have a drip coffee maker? Gift them this beautiful glass coffeemaker this Christmas.

27. Re-usable Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

reusable mesh coffee filter

Paper coffee filters are a thing of the past! This re-usable stainless steel mesh filter is a great substitute and is better for the environment and the wallet.

28. Coffee Canister Set

old country brand coffee canister set

Gift them this rustic farmhouse canister set to store their ingredients and display at their coffee bar cart.

29. Coffee Care Package

coffee care package

Self-care is so important. If you have a friend or family member who needs a little pick me up and they love coffee and nuts, this is the perfect little coffee care package.

30. Espresso Art Print

espresso poster

For espresso lovers, this poster makes a great addition in their home.

Want more gift ideas?

I hope that this list of best coffee gifts was helpful to you. If you’re looking for more gift guides, check them out here!

What are some gift ideas for coffee lovers you’ll be giving your friends, family, and loved ones this holiday season?

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