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The Best Dollar Tree Essentials Every Household Needs

If you're looking to stock up on every day products for your household on a tight budget, I cover all of the best Dollar Tree essentials you should buy to save money. | best dollar store finds | dollar store | first apartment essentials | household essentials | party supplies | kitchen essentials | gift supplies | cleaning supplies #savingmoney #savemoney #budgeting #money #moneytips #moneysavingtips #personalfinance #frugal #frugalliving #homedecor #supplies

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a commission if you purchase through them.

Many people have a negative attitude towards shopping at dollar stores.  They’re often seen as having low-quality items that aren’t made well and that just don’t last.

You might even be one of these people who thinks that way and I totally get how you feel!  But hold on a second…

If you're looking to stock up on every day products for your household on a tight budget, I cover all of the best Dollar Tree essentials you should buy to save money. | best dollar store finds | dollar store | first apartment essentials | household essentials | party supplies | kitchen essentials | gift supplies | cleaning supplies #savingmoney #savemoney #budgeting #money #moneytips #moneysavingtips #personalfinance #frugal #frugalliving #homedecor #supplies
If you're looking to stock up on every day products for your household on a tight budget, I cover all of the best Dollar Tree essentials you should buy to save money. | best dollar store finds | dollar store | first apartment essentials | household essentials | party supplies | kitchen essentials | gift supplies | cleaning supplies #savingmoney #savemoney #budgeting #money #moneytips #moneysavingtips #personalfinance #frugal #frugalliving #homedecor #supplies

I absolutely agree that certain items shouldn’t be purchased at a dollar store.

But if you pick and choose selectively, you can actually purchase some great household products for an awesome price tag and save a lot of money in the end!  Many of these products do the job just as great as those which you’d buy at a department store or a regular supermarket.

In this post, I’ll be talking about my favorite Dollar Tree essentials you need to check out to save money.

With everything for just a $1 (or $1.25 if you’re in Canada), Dollar Tree is a great place to shop at when you’re low on cash or if you’re not looking for something that you need to last you for years and years.

It’s also a great stop when you’re furnishing your own place for the first time and you’re on a tight budget.

Before I get into the recommended products, I wanted to mention that you can pick up your purchase right in the store for free if you shop online beforehand.

Shopping online is a total time saver because you can do all of your shopping quickly on the computer and right in the comfort of your home without having to spend time lining up at the checkout.

Best of all, you can also use Rakuten on top of your online order!  With Rakuten, you’ll get a percentage of cash back on your entire purchase which means even more savings on top of the already low price!

Check out my tutorial on how to use Rakuten here for more information.

The Best Dollar Tree Essentials

Now, onto the products.  Here is my list of the best Dollar Tree essentials you should check out today to save money on everyday products!

1.  Kitchen Essentials

2.  Greeting Cards – If you were once paying $6 to $10 for an overpriced card at a greeting cards store, there’s no need to shell out that money anymore.  These cards are only a buck and are perfect for any occasion from birthdays to weddings to baby showers!

gift wrap presents

3.  Gift Supplies – If you’re looking for cheap gift supplies to wrap your gifts, this is the place to go!

4.  Batteries – Were you once spending a lot of money on batteries at home hardware stores or other big box stores?  Well, look no further.  Dollar Tree has great quality batteries for only $1 per pack and they all last a long time for me personally.  I recommend getting their Panasonic AA batteries, AAA batteries, as well as their Panasonic rechargeable batteries.

5.  Nail Polish – Some of my favorite brand name nail polishes that Dollar Tree carries are Sally Hansen, Kiss, and Sinful Colors – all of them go for a really great price!  Their nail polish section is always one of my favorite areas to go to in the store.

party supplies

6.  Party Supplies -For any upcoming party occasions, whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower, or graduation ceremony, Dollar Tree is the perfect place to stock up on party supplies for a great price.  These are my definite must-haves:

7.  Candy/Gum – If you love candy and gum, you’ll love it at Dollar Tree!  You’ll always be able to get cheap bags of candy along with discounted packs of gum at the store.  I always make sure to stock up whenever I visit.

8.  Back To School Supplies – With back to school coming up, Dollar Tree has the perfect selection of affordable supplies for school that won’t break the bank.  There’s also no need to panic anymore when your kid loses something!

9.  Shipping Supplies – Don’t pay for overpriced shipping supplies ever again!  Head to Dollar Tree to get your business shipping supplies.  I would avoid their packing tape though.

10.  Home Decor – With so many DIY projects to furnish your home, Dollar Tree is a great place to start with home decor supplies.

  • Picture frames – Just add your own prints to the picture frames and hang them up on your wall
  • Vase – These are perfect to house fresh flowers or to add accent balls or pebbles in them
  • Accent pebbles – These pebbles are great to add into a small vase to create your own makeup brush holder or just for regular decor purposes

11.  Pet Supplies – I have 2 kitties so getting cat supplies at a discount at Dollar Tree is pretty awesome  They also have dog supplies for a great price for dog owners! Here is what I recommend to check out if you have a cat.  Skip the higher prices at Petsmart and get these items at the dollar store instead!  I would stay away from buying pet food here though.

12.  Pregnancy Tests – Never pay for expensive pregnancy tests at the drugstore again.  These pregnancy tests are only a $1 but they work!

13.  Hand Soap – I love stocking up on brand name hand soap at Dollar Tree to place in each of my bathrooms and kitchen.  They also sell refill bottles for a great price.  I would be wary of the non-brand name soaps though and stay away from those because you don’t know which ingredients they put in them.

14.  Cleaning Supplies – If you’re looking for cheap household cleaning supplies, you’ll find them here!

balloon supplies

15.  Picnic/BBQ Essentials – Along with party supplies, Dollar Tree also carries a wide range of cheap picnic and BBQ essentials for those fun spring and summer occasions.  You can’t go wrong with purchasing these products here.  It’s my one stop shop!

16.  Shower Essentials – If you’re looking for shower essentials for an unbeatable price, you’ll find an awesome collection here.  Here are my must-haves:

  • Loofah
  • Shower caddy – This is the perfect tool to hang your bath and body products if you’re low on space in your shower.  I like to usually tie a suction cup to it which latches onto the wall so that it doesn’t slip down the shower head.
  • Shower curtain liner – These are such a good deal to keep your shower curtain clean.  These are just $1 so they’re inexpensive to just use for a while and throw away once they get dirty!

hanger closet

17.  Storage & Laundry – Dollar Tree is one of the best places to get cheap essentials for storage and laundry.  Here are my picks:

18.  Travel-Sized Bottles – Another must-have purchase is their set of travel-sized bottles.  These bottles are perfect for bringing liquid on airplanes or if you’re just going on a quick getaway not too far from home for a few days, these really come in handy so you don’t have to bring all of your full-sized toiletry items with you.

What are some of your must-have essentials from Dollar Tree? 

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  1. Lindsey Willson says

    I love Dollar Tree! I buy so many things there from planters to hair accessories. One thing you didn’t mention is socks!

  2. Nicole says

    Neat ideas. I never realized how much kitchen stuff they have at Dollar Tree. I swear my oven mitts disappear as quickly as our socks. I will have to stop and check this out!

  3. Stephanie Davis says

    Yes! I love using Dollar Tree for balloons and gift wrapping. I also use it a lot for things like manipulatives and prizes for my kindergarten students.

  4. Anita N Maurice says

    I actually never thought of purchasing from the Dollar Store online and then picking up! Thanks for that tip. There is always a huge selection.

  5. Kristen Denno says

    You had such great ideas! When I first moved into my house I stocked up on a ton of kitchen essentials, and I still get all of my shipping supplies at my dollar tree!

    • Grace says

      That’s great!! They have so many cheap things there so it’s awesome for first time apartment or home owners who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

  6. Kellan Devine says

    I had NO idea you could buy from a dollar store online and just go pick it up!?! what if the store you went to didn’t have the items you bought? I want to look into that because I am all about saving time and money – which is why I LOOVE the dollar store. They have some great stuff that really comes in handy.

  7. Jessi says

    This is a great list! I LOVE dollar tree! I have two stores close to me. The kids and I like to go get art supplies there and come home to get “creative” It’s a lot of fun!

  8. Karie Babbitt says

    I remember once I found they had pregnancy tests what a lifesaver. Young newlywed and buying pregnancy tests at $16 a pop was sickening. With $1 one can take numerous tests to be sure and not go broke.

  9. Indya S says

    Greeting cards for $1 sounds AMAZING. Whilst we don’t have Dollar Tree where I’m from, we do have very similar stores that I love, but don’t think about for things like greeting cards, or super cheap cleaning supplies!

  10. Amandela says

    I like the way you think mama. I love the Dollar Tree but I am learning from this post that I have not tapped into their full potential. Great post and thanks for sharing!

  11. Adam Beaumont says

    I Love Dollar Tree! All the essentials for a dollar, when elsewhere they cost 4 times the price.