10 Calming Indoor Plants For Stress Relief

calming indoor plants for stress-relief
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Your home environment greatly influences your mental health, happiness, and productivity levels.

Just like the paint color or the type of art you add to your walls, having plants can change the vibe of your home as well.

Calming indoor plants are a great way to bring stress relief, tranquility, and zen to your home.

Why You Should Add Indoor Plants For Stress Relief

Not only are plants calming, but there are also so many more benefits of adding plants to your bedroom, home office, or living room.

best indoor plants for stress relief

Plants Are A Reminder Of Nature

Humans and plants are interconnected so being around nature can be relaxing. With so many of us not able to spend much time outside due to our busy lives, having indoor plants can bring nature to you.

Having a little bit of greenery if you live in a place where you can’t enjoy the great outdoors can be very a soothing feeling that can help calm down your stress levels.

Plants Can Purify The Air

By having plants at home, you’re purifying the air naturally and removing toxins. If you live in a busy, polluted area, having plants around can help you breathe cleaner air.

Plants Can Boost Your Mood

Being around plants is proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety when indoors. If you want to boost your mood, adding a few plants to your home is a great option.

indoor stress relief plants

10 Best Calming House Plants

Now that you know the benefits of having calming house plants, take a look at these 10 plants to add to your home.

1. Aloe Vera

aloe vera plant

The aloe vera plant is a great multi-use plant you can grow at home.

Not only can aloe vera be used to heal skin wounds and burns, but it’s also great for purifying your air at home and reducing stress as well.

Just place the plant in indirect sunlight and don’t water it too frequently.

2. Snake Plant

snake plant

A snake plant is great at removing toxins from your home and is even effective against allergies such as dust and dander.

It’s also very easy to care for as it can grow in indirect sunlight and doesn’t require much water.

3. English Ivy

hanging english ivy plant

The English Ivy is a plant that looks great hung in a basket or just in a pot.

It even has properties that help reduce mold, which can cause a lot of health issues if your home is left untreated with it.

If you live in a damp place, having a nifty English Ivy plant to purify your air will be a lifesaver.

plants to relieve anxiety

4. Spider Plant

spider plant

Add a spider plant to your bedroom for better sleep, to improve your mood, and reduce cortisol levels.

These plants are one of the best indoor purifying plants as found in NASA’s 1989 Clean Air Study.

5. Lavender

lavendar plant

If you love the smell of lavender, you’ll want to add a lavender plant to your home.

Not only does the smell of lavender help to soothe and relieve anxiety and stress, but it also has a ton of other properties including acting as a sleep aid and reducing blood pressure.

6. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos plant

Another easy-to-care-for plant to add to your home is the Golden Pothos.

Not only is it great to create a calm space in your home and help purify pollutants and toxins from the air, but it’s also considered lucky and believed to bring good fortune.

7. Rosemary

rosemary plant

Rosemary is an herb that brings so many great properties with it that you need to have this in your home. It helps boost immune function, reduces anxiety and stress, as well as improves your mood.

The only thing is that it requires full sunlight so place this plant on a window sill that gets a lot of sun.

best indoor plants for mental health

8. Boston Fern

hanging boston fern plant

Add a touch of greenery to your home with the Boston fern plant and get the benefits of air purification.

A great place to add it is to your bathroom because it thrives in high humidity and doesn’t need direct sunlight. 

9. Peace Lily

peace lily plant

Peace lilies are attractive plants with dark leaves and creamy white flowers.

Not only are they beautiful, but they also purify the air, absorb harmful vapors, promote restful sleep, and prevent the formation of mildew.

10. Jasmine

jasmine potted plant

Adding a Jasmine plant to your home can calm your sense as it brings a beautiful, natural scent with its white flowers. It’s also a great plant that can help eliminate stress, ease insomnia, and boosts your mood.

best indoor plants for anxiety

More Wellness Tips

So which stress relieving plants will you be adding to your home? Let me know in the comments!

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