20 Festive Holiday Home Decor Ideas

Christmas Home Decor Ideas
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The holiday season is a great time to deck out your home with festive decor pieces.

For me, surrounding myself with fun Christmas decorations always puts a smile on my face and helps me get into a jolly mood.

There’s just something about the color combination of red, gold, silver, brown, and green that is so fun and festive and it reminds me of happy times as a kid during the winter holidays!

20 Festive Holiday Home Decor Ideas

If you’re looking for some decorating ideas to help transform your home into a winter wonderland this season, here are 20 of my favorite holiday home decor ideas you need to check out today.

1. Pillows

One of my must-have items I like to incorporate into my winter home decor to give a cozy feel to my living room are pillows.

I like to change out my pillows right at the beginning of the holiday season because it easily changes up the vibe of the whole house.

white fur chair accent pillow

This fuzzy cream-colored pillow below is really fitting for the cold, winter seasons because the color is so similar to snow and the fuzziness brings texture to the room.

You can also add other great festive pillows with Christmas images and quotes as well.

2. Christmas Stockings

A great addition to your Christmas living room decor is to hang a few festive stockings on the mantle (P.S. – you can personalize these which make them even more special!).

It’s also a great place to house any stocking stuffer presents you’ll be giving to your loved ones on Christmas.

christmas stockings

3. Faux Sheepskin Rug

Another item I always like to take out for the winter season is a faux sheepskin area rug.

This statement piece is a great addition to help create a cozy Christmas living room!

It can be placed on the floor to help keep your feet warm during the cold winter months or even on your chair or couch.

Best of all, it’s faux fur so you don’t have to worry about any innocent animals being harmed in the process of making it.

4. LED String Lights

led string lights

These rose gold LED lantern string lights are absolutely beautiful and will give your room a nice, cozy vibe.

This is always on my Christmas decorations list that I bring out for winter.

If you’re not into lantern string lights, you can get plain string lights instead which are totally malleable and can be shaped in any way you’d like.

They can be hung on your bed, door frames, and even put into small jars.

Get creative!

5. Christmas Tree

Of course, this holiday home decor list wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful Christmas tree.

These trees are reusable and makes setting up a tree every year easy breezy.

One of my favorite ways to make a home more festive is to have a flocked Christmas tree.

6. Christmas Tree Decorations

To dress up your tree, just add some ornaments, lights, a tree topper, and you’re good to go.

It’s also probably a good idea to get a tree skirt at the bottom to hide the legs.


Tree Topper

Tree Skirt

7. Mini Tabletop Christmas Tree

If your apartment or house is too small to fit a large tree, a small tabletop Christmas tree is a great alternative to decorate with instead.

8. Sherpa Throw

Another must-have item is a luxurious sherpa throw to add some dimension to your sofa.

This throw is ultra-plush and absolutely gorgeous and will easily help turn your room into a super cozy, winter haven.

It’s also great to cuddle under when you’re watching a Christmas movie on the couch.

soft faux fur blanket throw

9. Flameless Candles

Another great decor piece for the holidays is a set of flameless candles.

If you have pets and kids, lighting up real wax candles can be a serious hazard if they’re knocked over.

And even if you don’t have any kids or pets, if you’re paranoid about candles burning down the house, these LED flameless candles are a lifesaver.

flameless candles

They totally mimic real candles, are battery operated, and even flicker like real candles.

10. Wall Art

An easy way to spruce up your home for the holidays is to hang beautiful wall art around the house and out on your porch.

I love adding pieces that have cute holiday graphics and/or phrases.

christmas decor ideas

11. Wreath

Your Christmas home decor isn’t complete without a beautiful wreath!

Stick this on your front door or hang it inside to bring a little more festiveness to your home.

12. Garland

Garlands are easy holiday pieces to beautify the inside and outside of your home.

These garlands can be placed on the fence, mantels, or tables inside and help give a festive vibe to the room right away without much work involved.

13. Dinnerware Set

Complete your winter home decor with these fun and festive dinnerware sets to decorate your dining room table.

14. Animal Figurines

Cute decorative animal figurines are absolutely adorable to help make your home feel like a winter wonderland.

Snowy owls and reindeer, just to name a few, are cute animals to add to your decor.

reindeerChristmas Deer Figurine

snow owlsA Pair of Snow Owl Figurines

15. Welcome Mat

Add a durable but cute winter-themed welcome mat to your front door and help keep the snow and slush out of your house at the same time.

16. Snowflake Decal Stickers

If you’re looking to add something festive to your windows, try adding these fun snowflake decal stickers.

christmas snowflake decal stickers

The best part is that they’re re-useable year after year.

17. Be Merry Burlap Banner

be merry burlap banner

If you’re looking for more Christmas living room decor, this Be Merry burlap banner is a great addition.

Just hang it on your fireplace mantle and you’re good to go.

18. Velvet Bows

red velvet christmas bows

One of my favorite winter decorating ideas is to tie big velvet bows around stairway railings around the house.

You can also add these outside of the house as well.

19. Light Up Gift Boxes

A Christmas tree isn’t complete without some presents under the tree.

If you don’t have any real present boxes to place under the tree, add these light up gift boxes.  These can also be placed around the house.

20. Glitter Christmas Trees

Don’t forget to also add some glam to your fireplace mantle or dinner table with this beautiful set of three glitter Christmas trees.

gold glitter christmas trees

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I hope you enjoyed my list of winter decorating ideas. What are some of your favorite holiday home decor pieces you’ll be putting up this winter season?


  1. I absolutely love these gift ideas. I especially love those LED lights. Thank you so much for sharing these. Your blog is beautiful and I look forward to more posts from you.

  2. Wonderful home decor ideas! Thank you grace for sharing your creative ideas. I always love to embellish my home with unique and shining things for Christmas day. I am really in love with your LED flameless candles. These candles look beautiful. I have pinkish light salt lamps from saltean . I would surely combine them with these candles to illuminate my home with their soothing and fascinating lights.

  3. This is such a lovely guide to incorporating more festive decor! I have definitely added cosier pillows and a wreath — and that alone, makes the house look more inviting! Of course, the gigantic Christmas tree is the star of the show though 🙂

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