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8 Ways To Detox Your Body This Spring

8 Ways To Detox Your Body This Spring

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Thanks to iHerb for sponsoring this post. All opinions are written by me and are my own.

With spring finally on its way, not only is it a great time to start spring cleaning your home and decluttering your life but to also renew your body, jumpstart your metabolism, and clear away any toxins that may have been building up during the colder months.

In my post today, I’ll be talking about 8 ways you can internally and externally detox your body this spring with some of my favorite wellness products.

With spring finally on its way, there is no better time than now to renew your body, jumpstart your metabolism, and clear away any toxins that may have been building up during the colder months. Here are 8 ways you can internally and externally detox your body this spring season. | get healthy this spring | detox cleanse | detoxification | detox baths | clay masks #detoxify #wellness #health #detox #cleanse #selfcare #healthyliving #ad

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8 Ways To Detox Your Body This Spring

Now, let’s get on to my tips on how to detox your body this spring.  Try to incorporate all of these tips into your life as you go through the detoxification process so that you see the best results!

1.  Do a total body cleanse

One of my favorite ways to start off the new season is doing a total body cleanse with the Renew Life Advanced Cleanse Smart.

This 30-day cleanse is a two-part program that helps cleanse your gut by getting rid of waste and toxins in your body and promoting digestive regularity.

Although a month might seem like a really long detox process, it’s totally hassle-free as your one-month supply comes in capsule form and all you need to do is take part 1 in the morning and part 2 at night.

If you think you might forget to take the capsules twice a day, just set a reminder on your phone once in the morning and once at night!

advanced cleanse smart and amazing grass green superfood

2. Get enough greens in your diet

Doing a total body cleanse is great periodically but it’s also important to get enough greens in your diet regularly to nourish your body from within.  Find dark green vegetables that you enjoy and add them to your diet as they have the most nutritional value, such as kale and spinach.

If you find that you don’t eat enough vegetables, I recommend supplementing your diet with the Amazing Grass Green Superfood in Alkalize & Detox. This blend includes over 12 cleansing superfoods along with cleansing herbs and spices for pH balance that will help you detox your entire body. With just 1 scoop a day, this will give you all of the nutrients you need!

3. Detox your liver

Although every part of your body is important when you detox, I wanted to mention that you should pay special attention to your liver.

The liver is the body’s main system of filtration so taking care of it and keeping it as healthy as possible is a priority, especially if you drink a lot of alcohol or take medication.

If you’re looking to specifically target the liver, you can incorporate a milk thistle supplement, such as Natrol Milk Thistle, into your diet. This will support liver health, help it detox, and provide antioxidant protection.

melatonin gummies and milk thistle

4. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for cell renewal during your detoxification process.  Make sure you get your 8 hours of sleep a night so that you feel well rested and your body fully heals.

If you have trouble following a regular sleep schedule, I recommend taking 21st Century VitaJoy Melatonin Gummies. These melatonin gummies are great because they help naturally promote sleep and relaxation so you’ll have a good night’s rest. They also taste so delicious like strawberries!

5. Take a relaxing detox bath

Detoxing your body from within is great and all but don’t neglect your skin!  Your skin is the body’s largest organ so help it renew and rejuvenate by taking regular detox baths.

The Hugo Naturals Effervescent Bath Salts in Eucalyptus is one of my favorite detox bath salts and is perfect to use after a long, stressful day.

It contains dead sea salt and Himalayan pink salt (both are great for detoxing and muscle tension!) along with pure Eucalyptus essential oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties.  It also includes jojoba and almond oil so your skin will feel smooth and moisturized!

bath salts and clay masque

6. Detox your face with a clay mask

In addition to a nice detoxifying bath, you’ll want to also deep cleanse your face because dirt and grime can easily get trapped in your pores.

If you wear makeup on a regular basis, it’s even more important to make sure you deep cleanse periodically and use a clay mask to help detox your pores.

I absolutely love the Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque and recommend that you try this out if you’re looking for a great detoxifying mask.

This is a 100% vegan clay mask infused with kale, parsley, spirulina, and chlorella and contains no parabens, mineral oil, or SLS’s.  I use this twice a week and find that I always get beautiful, glowing skin and a huge improvement in how clean and small my pores look every time!

7. Drink lots of fluids

detox tea and dandy blend

In addition to taking supplements to help your body detox, it’s important to stay hydrated when detoxing. Stay away from caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea, energy drinks, as well as alcohol.

Instead, stick to herbal teas such as the Yogi Tea Peach DeTox to aid your body in the detoxification process while keeping you hydrated.  

If you absolutely love the taste of coffee and can’t give it up, try substituting it with a caffeine-free dandelion root beverage such as the Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage.

This tastes similar to coffee but it’s caffeine-free, less acidic and bitter, and comes with all of the health benefits of dandelion root, which has a ton of detoxifying properties and can aid in digestion.

8. Exercise

Lastly, don’t forget to add some exercise to your daily routine this spring.

Ideally, you want to exercise everyday so you can sweat out the toxins from your body and improve your body’s circulation.

Not only will you be helping yourself detox, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your fit, summer body, so get moving and get your blood flowing!

Want to check out iHerb for yourself? Whether you’re a new or existing customer, you can get a discount off your order with no minimum purchase by clicking here.

How will you detox your body this spring? Let me know in the comments below!

With spring finally on its way, there is no better time than now to renew your body, jumpstart your metabolism, and clear away any toxins that may have been building up during the colder months. Here are 8 ways you can internally and externally detox your body this spring season. | get healthy this spring | detox cleanse | detoxification | detox baths | clay masks #detoxify #wellness #health #detox #cleanse #selfcare #healthyliving #ad

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  1. Jenna Urben says

    These are such great tips!! I love doing a clay mask. I’ll have to check out the one you recommended

  2. Tami says

    I’ve been wanting to do a detox. I was just thinking a liver detox but I see some other wonderful ways I will consider.

  3. Janay says

    This post came just in time because I really need to detox! I’m going to try and full body cleanse and eating more greens!

  4. isabelladavid says

    These are all such inspiring ideas! I hadn’t heard of supplements to help the liver cleanse. I”ll definitely be trying that! x

  5. Ms Via says

    These are some great tips to detox. I try to drink lots of water through out the day, Use clay mask regularly. Liver cleanse sounds good. 🙂 Lovely pictures.

  6. Christy McCauley Kinney says

    Thank you for this list! I often think as a detox with gut supplements, but exercise and sleep are key components that we overlook.

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