30 First Apartment Bedroom Essentials

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Moving out for the first time and have no idea what to purchase to furnish your new home?

Having the right first apartment bedroom essentials makes all the difference.

30 Bedroom Necessities For Your First Apartment

Did you know that we spend an average of about one-third of our lives sleeping or attempting to do so?

With so much time spent in this space, you’ll want to make sure you have everything necessary to make your bedroom as comfy and cozy as possible.

If it’s your first time moving out, whether you’re moving into a college dorm or your first big girl apartment, you’ll want to check out this bedroom necessities list for your new home.

first apartment bedroom essentials

Before we get onto the list, grab this printable bedroom essentials checklist along with all the other rooms in your new home that you’ll need in one easy package. It even includes a shopping list so it’s easy for you to keep track of what you still need to purchase.

first apartment essentials checklist

1. Bed Frame

Gwyneth Upholstered Panel Bed Frame

Let’s first start with your bed frame. It’s the center of attention in your bedroom and something that you’ll be using every single day for a third of your life so choose something that you like. This elegant bed frame is absolutely beautiful and eye-catching.

2. Mattress

I also suggest thoroughly researching and testing out mattresses so you can find one that is high quality and comfortable. Here are a few great mattresses from companies that allow you to try them for 100 days or more for free:

3. Mattress Topper

gel infused memory foam mattress topper

Adding a mattress topper to your mattress is a great way to have an even more comfortable sleep. This topper is a gel-infused memory foam topper with temperature-regulating beads that will conform to your curves.

4. Mattress Protector

mattress protector

A mattress protector is a great add-on to protect your expensive mattress. This one will protect your bed from spills, mites, allergens, and bacteria so you can rest easy.

5. Bedsheets

organic bamboo sheet set

A set of comfortable bedsheets is a must for peaceful rest. This set is made of an organic bamboo material, which is great for temperature regulation for all seasons of the year.

6. Comforter

faux fur comforter set

This fluffy faux fur comforter set will make your bedroom a cozy sanctuary. It includes two shams and a comforter.

7. Pillow & Pillow Case

coop pillow

A comfortable and supportive pillow makes all the difference for a restful sleep. This Coop pillow provides proper support and comfort so you don’t have to wake up with neck and back pain. It’s great for stomach, back, and side sleepers.

Don’t forget to also get a pillow protector and pillowcase.

8. Floor Rug

white shaggy area rug

A cozy floor rug makes all the difference for a warm and inviting bedroom. This is perfect for when you wake up on a cold morning.

9. Bookshelf


If you have a lot of books, CDs, or movies, a bookshelf is a definite asset in your bedroom or living room.

10. Nightstand

bedroom nightstand

Need a place to keep your phone, alarm clock, and nightstand lamp when you go to bed? A nightstand (or two) is a must to keep your necessities close to you at night.

11. Nightstand Lamp

table lamp

A nightstand lamp is a perfect addition to your nightstand table at the end of the night when you’re relaxing and unwinding in bed.

12. Alarm Clock

natural sleep wake alarm clock

Mornings don’t have to be so hard. Add a digital alarm clock that simulates the light from a natural sunrise by gradually going from 10% to 100% in brightness 10 to 30 minutes before your alarm turns on. It also comes with 7 natural sounds to accompany the light.

13. Full-Length Mirror

modern, contemporary full-length mirror

A full-length mirror is an essential piece of your apartment if it doesn’t come with any built-in full-length mirrors. It will help open up your apartment if you don’t have that much square footage as the mirror gives off an illusion that the place is bigger than it actually is.

14. Drawers

4 drawer chest

A lot of apartments don’t have quite that much closet space so having drawers where you can put your belongings away and shield them away from dust is always helpful.

15. Drawer Organizers

collapsable foldable drawer organizers

If you tend to have messy drawers, a set of drawer organizers will be quite helpful to add to your list of bedroom essentials. These can be collapsed when not in use to save space if you live in a small apartment.

bedroom essentials list

16. Vanity

circular white vanity

A vanity is a nice addition to your bedroom if you want a dedicated space to pamper yourself every morning and night.

17. Blackout Curtains

blackout curtains

If you’re planning on having some privacy in your apartment, blinds or curtains are absolutely necessary.

I recommend getting blackout curtains for your bedroom so you’ll have a dark, quiet sleeping space and any sunlight that comes into the room in the mornings won’t interrupt your sleep. Don’t forget to also get curtain rods.

More Home Ideas

18. Over-The-Door Hanging Rack

over the door hanging rack

If you’re low on storage space and need more hangers, a great way to utilize unused space is to get an over-the-door hanging rack.

19. Hangers

velvet hangers

Hangers are crucial to have to hang your clothes. I prefer velvet closet hangers because they prevent your clothes from sliding off.

20. Hanging Closet Organizer

closet organizer with compartments

A lot of times, closet space isn’t used optimally. Use a nifty hanging closet organizer so you have more room to put your clothes and accessories.

21. Hanging Shoe Organizer

over the door shoe organizer

Need a place to store your shoe collection and don’t have a lot of space? Use an over-the-door hanging shoe organizer.

first apartment bedroom essentials

22. Storage Bins

fabric storage bins with lids

Need to store your extra clothes and other belongings? A great way to do this is under the bed or in the closet with these fabric storage bins with lids. You can even label them for easy access later on.

23. Makeup Organizer

clear acrylic rotating makeup organizer

Organize your vanity with this beautiful 360° clear acrylic makeup organizer. This can house all your makeup, makeup brushes, skincare, and perfumes. Don’t forget to check out my post on other makeup organizer picks if you want to see other great styles.

24. Fan


A cool bedroom is a must for a good night’s rest. If you live in an old building that doesn’t have air conditioning, a fan will be your best friend during hot, summer nights.

25. White Noise Machine

white noise machine

If you’re unlucky and have loud next-door neighbors, a white noise machine is extremely helpful when you’re trying to drown out any noises that you don’t want to hear.

26. Humidifier

4L humidifier for bedroom

If you live in a cooler climate, a humidifier is a must to add some moisture back into your bedroom to reduce symptoms of dry skin, eyes, and dry throat.

27. Laundry Basket

rolling laundry basket with wash bag

If you’re one of the unlucky ones where you don’t have an en-suite laundry and you have to travel back and forth to the machines, a rolling hamper with wheels is extremely helpful.

28. Work Desk

height adjustable standing desk

If you’re short on room in your apartment and need a place to study or get work done in the bedroom, it’s nice to have a designated work desk. This one is height adjustable – perfect for a healthier lifestyle.

29. Work Chair

aurora task chair

If you have a work desk in your bedroom, getting a work chair where you can sit comfortably and work productively is a must.

30. Desk Lamp

desk lamp

Need more light when you’re working at your desk? A desk lamp in your bedroom is useful if you often need to work or study at your desk.

Have you snagged your printable first home essentials checklist yet? If not, get yours now.

first apartment essentials checklist

More First Home Essentials

bedroom essentials for new apartment

What is on your list of must have bedroom essentials for your first apartment?

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