60 Fun Date Ideas For Summer

fun date ideas for summer
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With the arrival of warm summer days and nights, it’s that time of year to finally take off your rain boots and put on those shorts and sandals you’ve been waiting all winter and spring for.

Take advantage of the hot weather and sweet sunshine by spending time outside. This is especially true if you live in a cold country with a short season of summer weather!

Here are 60 fun date ideas for summer you can try this year. Grab your significant other and start checking off this list.

60 Summer Activities For Couples

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1. Get a CityPass

Get a CityPass together and start exploring your city like you’re a tourist. Find out where all the tourist attractions are and pretend like you’re new to the city.

2. Go on a road trip

Go for a quick day trip or even a week-long trip and just see where the journey takes you.

3. Visit a butterfly conservatory

Explore different types of butterflies at a butterfly conservatory.

4. Head to a winery and go wine tasting

Pick a few wineries you’d love to try and have a taste test of their best selection.

5. Watch a movie at the drive-in theatre

Bring some blankets and get cozy in the car at the drive-in theatre.

6. Make a delicious meal from ingredients at a farmer’s market

Head to a farmer’s market in the morning for some fresh produce and whip up a delicious meal afterward.

limes and lemons with a sunflower

7. Attend a horse race

Bet on some horses at a fun horse race.

8. Go to the local rodeo

Head to your local rodeo with your cowboy boots and have a fun time.

9. Go to a rave

Dance to awesome EDM music at a rave.

10. Try axe throwing

Have a friendly competition of who can aim more accurately at axe throwing.

11. Rent an AirBnB and have a staycation in a nearby town

Head to a nearby town and rent a cool AirBnB together for a fun getaway.

12. Have fun at a shooting range

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13. Go to an escape room

Use your brains and work together to solve the puzzle before time runs out.

14. Get a couples’ massage at the beach

There’s no better way to relax than a couples’ massage by the beach.

15. Decorate your summer balcony

Get some string lights and some comfy patio furniture to decorate the balcony for the summer months.

16. Go dancing at your local bar

Let loose and dance the night away at your local bar.

17. Go to a botanical garden

Appreciate some beautiful flowers together at a botanical garden.

Free Summer Date Ideas

summer pool with lawn chairs

18. Relax on a hammock

Tie a hammock to some trees near your front or backyard and spend some quality, quiet time together.

19. Practice yoga together on the beach

Relax your muscles and mind together by practicing yoga on the beach. It’s a great way to unwind and get a tan.

20. Lay on the beach

Grab some cold drinks while you guys sit back and enjoy hearing the ocean waves.

21. Build sand castles

Be kids together again and have a sandcastle-building contest. Try to see who can create the most elaborate sandcastle.

22. Go Picnicking at a park

Bring some wine, cheese, and fruit for a romantic picnic at a park. Don’t forget to also people watch.

23. Set up a tent in your backyard and go stargazing

Bring some blankets and watch the starry night sky in your backyard.

24. Have a water balloon fight

Cool off on a hot summer day with a friendly water balloon fight.

25. Go night swimming

Enjoy a fun night swim under the moonlight.

summer date night ideas

26. Find a fun new hiking trail

Hiking is always a great active date idea for couples who love to explore. Try finding a new trail that you’ve both never been on before for a new experience.

27. Make root beer floats

Enjoy a delicious glass of root beer floats to cool down during a hot summer afternoon.

28. Go rollerblading

Get rolling on some rollerblades on a trail or near the waterfront for a fun time.

29. Start a summer garden

If you both love plants, set aside a summer morning or afternoon and start a joint garden together.

30. Work out on the beach

Another great active date is to head to an outdoor beach gym and work out together.

31. Have a water gunfight

Bring back the water guns that you had as kids and cool off.

32. Play volleyball at the beach

Join a group of people at the beach and play a game of volleyball. It’s a great way to meet some new people together.

beach volleyball in the pool

Summer Outdoor Date Ideas

33. Visit a summer carnival

Find a summer carnival event that interests both of you and play fair games while having funnel cake.

34. Go camping

Camping is always a summer date staple. Stay for a few days and get a feel of what it’d be like living off the grid with your significant other. If you aren’t a big camper, you can also try glamping for a more pampered experience.

35. Rent a catamaran

Enjoy some drinks and food as you float on a catamaran.

flip flops with a good vibes straw hat

36. Go skinny dipping at the beach

A fun spontaneous summer date night idea is to go skinny dipping at the beach and hope no one sees you guys.

37. Go on a romantic tandem bike ride

Rent a tandem bike and peddle together as you bike around the waterfront.

38. Go to a splash park

Channel your inner kid by cooling off at the splash park on a hot and sunny summer day.

48. Go on a hot air balloon ride

Get a stunning view of the landscape high up on a romantic private hot-air balloon ride.

40. Go skydiving

Face your fear of heights and try skydiving for fun.

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41. Light fireworks on July 4th

Celebrate July 4th weekend by lighting different fireworks at a park or in your backyard.

42. Go to a petting zoo

Enjoy a day out and pet some animals at a petting zoo.

43. Go fruit picking

Pick some delicious fruits that are in season and enjoy them afterward.

44. Go golfing

Rent some equipment and head to a golf course for a fun time.

45. Play mini golf

Try a less intense version of golf by going to a mini golf course instead.

46. Try treetop trekking

Walk amongst the trees and get a great workout together when you go treetop trekking.

47. Go fishing at dawn or dusk

Head to the lake at dusk or dawn for some quiet time together and wait for the catch of the day.

48. Rent an inflatable pool in your backyard

Rent an inflatable pool and have a private pool party.

rainbow popsicle pool float

49. Have a backyard BBQ

Get some meat, veggies, and seafood, and fire up the grill for a delicious backyard BBQ.

50. Ride rollercoasters at an amusement park

Enjoy the thrill of riding some rollercoasters at an amusement park. Don’t forget to have some funnel cake and play some games.

51. Go kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding

Enjoy the outdoors and stay active together on the water by renting a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard.

52. Have a romantic candlelight dinner by the beach

Bring some candles and set up a beautiful dinner by the beach after sunset.

53. Take a scuba diving class

Learn to scuba dive together so you can one day head down together to see a beautiful coral reef.

sunshine straw hat with a drink

54. Go zip-lining

If you both love the thrill of flying through the air, go zip-lining together for an exciting date.

55. Try rock climbing

Use your upper body strength as you go rock climbing and have a friendly competition of who can climb up to the top faster.

56. Try skydiving

Go on an adventure together and try skydiving for the thrill of a lifetime.

57. Run a marathon

Train together and then join a 5K or 10K marathon to help support a charity.

58. Pair up for a couples’ tennis match

Set up a double date with some of your couple friends and have a friendly couples’ tennis match.

59. Watch your local baseball team

Head to a ball game and watch your favorite baseball team hit some balls out of the park.

60. Visit a local food festival

Find a food festival of cuisines you’ve both never tried before.

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What are some fun summer date ideas you’ll be going on this season with your significant other? Let me know in the comments!

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