50 Fun Winter Date Ideas For Couples

couples winter bucket list
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It’s cuffing season!

With winter on it’s way, it’s time to get cozy with your favorite person.

Here are 50 fun winter date ideas to add to your winter bucket list for couples you can do that aren’t just Netflix and chillin’.

fun winter activities for couples

50 Fun Winter Activities For Couples

Before we begin, do check out my Christmas List Planner to get all of your activities organized this season without the overwhelm.

ultimate christmas bucket list planner

1. Head on over to a Christmas Market

Head on over to your local Christmas market and enjoy some mulled wine and other festive treats.

2. Go on a Horse carriage ride in the city

If you’re a hopeless romantic, set up a horse-drawn carriage ride in the city and enjoy the sights.

3. Create a holiday craft

Crafts don’t have to just be for kids. Re-create some Christmas magic by doing a holiday craft together, from DIY Christmas wreaths to DIY Christmas tree ornaments.

holiday tiered tray with christmas wreath

4. Tobogganing

Head over to some local slopes and be kids again by sledding and tobogganing.

5. Go to a live theatre or musical

Go check out a musical, ballet, or live theatre production such as the Phantom of the Opera or The Nutcracker.

the ultimate list of winter date ideas to try

6. Set up an indoor picnic

It’s never too cold out to have a picnic if it’s indoors. Set up your own indoor picnic with a basket of food and some wine. Don’t forget some comfy pillows.

7. Have a relaxing Christmas spa date

Winter is a great time to slow down and practice some much-needed self-care. Head on over to your local spa and get a couple’s massage and a facial.

8. Christmas paint night with wine

snowy night holiday winter christmas - paint by number

Enjoy a paint by number night with a glass of wine. This can be done even if you guys don’t have any artistic talent. Just follow this Paint By Number Kit. All of the acrylic paint, paint brushes, and canvas will be supplied.

central park new york city paint by number kit for adults

9. Catch a comedy show

Love a good laugh? Attend a comedy show together.

10. Christmas Movie Marathon

couple with cups of cocoa next to a christmas tree

Watching classic Christmas movies is always a fun but cheap winter date idea. Add a cup of hot chocolate and get ready to snuggle up together under the blanket.

11. Head over to a craft beer festival

If you love your craft beers, it’s a great time to head on over to a craft beer festival. Just don’t forget to bundle up.

12. Have a snowball fight

Snowball fights don’t have to just be for kids. If your region has snow, have a snowball fight the day after a fresh snowstorm. You can even create snow angels and build a snow fort together.

winter path with snow

13. Go skating under the stars

There’s nothing more romantic than skating together hand in hand under the stars.

14. Have a Christmas photo Shoot with matching PJs

Capture some Christmas memories with your significant other and pets (if you guys have any) by wearing matching festive holiday PJs. You can even send these out as Christmas cards to your family and friends.

15. Create our own Christmas cocktails

couple having holiday champagne in front of the christmas tree

Get festive and have a fun night together concocting new Christmas cocktails at home.

16. Drive through your neighborhood to see Christmas lights

For a budget-friendly winter date, drive through your neighborhood to look at other people’s Christmas light displays.

17. Create a joint relationship vision board

If you guys have the same vision for your future, spend a day creating a joint relationship vision board so you guys can always stay motivated to reach your life goals.

18. Play an intimate Card game

Elevate your game night with a more intimate card game like Talk Flirt Dare.

snow on the boardwalk

19. Go on a Christmas hike

If you love a great scenic hike, head on over to a local trail for a stroll.

20. Get to your know significant other better with The Book Of Questions

It’s never too late to get to your significant other better. Make it a stay at home date and ask each other personal and deep questions from The Book Of Questions.

21. Pick out a Christmas tree at a local farm

christmas tree with ornaments

Don’t like artificial Christmas trees? Pick out your own fresh Christmas tree at your local farm.

22. Go to a local sporting event

Catch an outdoor hockey game, football game, or another sporting event, and cheer on your favorite team.

23. Have A gingerbread house competition

Have a gingerbread house competition and see who has the most decorated and creative design.

24. Have a Christmas cookies bake-off

baking spirits bright christmas cookies on a tray

Do you both have a sweet tooth? Have a Christmas cookie bake-off and see who makes the better dessert.

25. Write love letters dedicated to your future significant other

Write letters to your future significant other, read them out loud to each other, and then keep these letters in a box. Open and read these letters 20 years later together for a sentimental date.

26. Have a photo booth session

Go to a photo booth at your mall and take tons of fun and goofy photos together. You can even do this at home if you have the Mac photo booth app.

red scarf with a cup of coffee and leaves

27. Go on a cozy Christmas coffee date

Spend a day at a cozy cafe and enjoy a chill Christmas coffee date.

28. Take a couple’s bubble bath

Take a romantic bubble bath together and add some aromatic bath bombs.

the ultimate winter bucket list for couples

29. Have a coupon date night

Dates can be inexpensive. Make it a night where you can only go to places where you have to use a coupon. These savings can add up and you’ll both feel good that you saved a lot of money while having fun.

30. Have a cheese board and fondue night

wine and cheese board

If you enjoy cheese and wine, arrange your own cheese board and fondue.

31. Create a marriage bucket list

It’s always fun to create a bucket list of all the fun things you want to accomplish together as a couple. Sit down and create a marriage bucket list and cross one thing right off the bat.

32. Take a yoga or pilates class together

Attend an online yoga or pilates class together at home or a studio and relax your muscles.

couple holding cups in front of a christmas tree with ornaments

33. Learn to brew kombucha, coffee, Wine, or beer

Have a love for kombucha, coffee, beer, or wine? You and your date can brew them at home using a DIY kit.

34. Jam to some karaoke

Jam out to some of your favorite tunes right from home with a karaoke set.

cozy winter date ideas you must try this season

35. Make a photo album together

If you guys have lots of photos together, create your own photo album so you can keep those memories all in one place. Don’t have photos? Get a polaroid camera and start collecting.

36. Take a virtual cooking class together

christmas holiday plates and cups

Learn some culinary skills together by taking a virtual cooking class right from home and enjoy the fruits of your labor right after with some aromatic candles.

37. Take an online dance class together

Shake it out with your partner by attending an online dance class together. Learn the cha cha, salsa, waltz, and so much more.

38. Go snowshoeing

Take a romantic hike in deep snow with a pair of snowshoes.

39. Give each other A couples massage

Don’t want to shell out the money to get a couple’s massage at the spa? Create your own couple’s massage date at home for a free winter date idea. Don’t forget to get some massaging oils to help enhance the experience.

pancake breakfast with fruits

40. Have a waffle or pancake date

Start off a great morning with a delicious waffle or pancake date.

41. Plan a vacation to a hot destination

Spend a day together and plan a warm getaway from the cold weather.

42. Learn a new language together

Learn a new language together that you both have always wanted to pick up. It’s a great way to constantly keep learning and growing together.

43. Go winter camping or glamping

logs in the snow

Experience the outdoors overnight by going winter camping (or glamping if that’s more your style). Bundle up and bring some marshmallows to roast by the fire.

44. Go to your local arcade

Had a favorite arcade game growing up? Head on over to your local arcade to relive your childhood memories.

45. Have a black-out date

If you remember those times as kids when blackouts were fun, re-create that again by turning off all electronics, and experiencing a night where it’s just you, your significant other, and a bunch of candles, flashlights, and board games.

46. Build a Blanket fort In Your Living Room

Turn your living room into a fort by grabbing some blankets and camp out there in your pyjamas with some snacks for a simple, fun night.

christmas date at a cafe

47. Attend a festive murder mystery dinner

Do you love murder mysteries? Attend a local murder mystery dinner and use your detective skills.

48. Try ice fishing

If you guys enjoy fishing during the warmer months, camp out on the lake and try ice fishing together as a cold weather date idea.

49. Visit a museum

Visit a museum and expand your mind together by learning about the history of our world.

50. Explore both of your hometowns

For a fun budget date, explore both of your hometowns from local restaurants, attractions, and significant childhood places. This idea is even better if you guys are from very different places.

fun winter date ideas for couples

More Ideas For Winter Fun

What are some December date ideas you’ll be going on this season? Let me know in the comments!

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