How To Overcome A Creative Block When You Feel Uninspired & Unmotivated

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If you’re in the creative field, whether you’re a freelance writer, blogger, graphics designer, or artist, it’s inevitable that you’ll be faced with a creative block at some point in time or another.  This is normal to experience and it happens to even the best of us.

Why does this happen?

Well, it can be hard to constantly come up with something new and exciting while at the same time be totally passionate about what you create every single time.

Sometimes a little breather is in order to recharge your creative juices and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

After you take a nice little break, often times you’ll come back totally refreshed and ready to tackle your projects with energy and extra enthusiasm and zest.

How To Overcome A Creative Block

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All of this does become a problem though when it feels like you’re stuck in an endless rut that you just can’t seem to get out.

This was something that I personally periodically go through as a blogger so I know exactly how this feels!

Being full of fresh ideas and constantly having to come up with inspiring content is not easy but it’s something that you can overcome.

If you feel like you’re facing a creative block, here are a few ways that can help you break free and get back on track.

1. Find Inspiration

The first thing I like to do when I’m trying to overcome a block is to find inspiration from other sources online.  The web is always a great place to start and the best part is that it’s free!

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One of my favorite sources of daily inspiration is browsing Pinterest.  I wasn’t really into Pinterest until only after a little while after I started this blog but using it has really been a game changer since discovering it.

Nowadays, I can (shamefully!) spend hours browsing the site and I often need to stop myself or I waste way too much time out of my day browsing pins.

If you feel like you’re stuck, use Pinterest as a visual search engine to see what’s trending right now and what other people are pinning.

I know that every time I’m on the site, I always gather awesome ideas on how to improve my blog and I find that I also get inspired to write a whole variety of blog topics afterward.

(Side note: Check out my Pinterest boards and follow me if you’re interested in what I pin!)

Social Media & News

Another great source of inspiration is to check out social media outlets and see what’s trending in the news.

A lot of times when I’m just browsing Twitter or reading a news article on my Facebook feed, a great post idea and a surge of inspiration will just pop up out of nowhere.

Read Other Blogs

A third way to get some new ideas is to read other successful blogs that you admire.  Seeing others who are successful can give you a little boost to keep you motivated and possibly spark a little bit of creativity.

2. What Does Your Audience Want?

Another great way to help yourself break free of a creative slump is to figure out what your audience is interested in reading or looking for.

Use your social media outlets or send out an email to your email list to easily engage with your followers and see what kind of content they want to see.

You can start a poll or ask a question which can help you assess what kind of content you should be producing for your blog.

Another important point is to make sure to that you have a working contact page with a visible email address or contact form and/or a great commenting system on your blog.

These 2 tools can help you get much needed feedback right from your readers on what they’re interested in seeing.

3. Brainstorm Ideas In A Creative Space

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Do you ever find that you randomly come up with awesome ideas at the most unexpected times?

I find that when I’m in the shower and I’m just randomly thinking about life, a lot of great ideas for my blog will just spring up out of nowhere.  I end up having to jump out of the shower as soon as I’m done so that I can do a brain dump and write all of those great ideas down before they escape me.

So wherever you think best (whether that’s going for a walk with your dog or sitting in a room alone), go to that specific place you know you can think long and hard while brainstorming without being interrupted.

Just make sure to have a place to write your ideas down when you think of something great!

If you’re the type to sit down and brainstorm, get a piece of paper (or open up your laptop) and list all the ideas that come to your mind that you may be interested in writing about.

I like using a mind map because that seems to help me visualize related ideas and words better in my head when I’m brainstorming.

4. Create & Maintain An Editorial Schedule

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Now that you’ve come up with an awesome list of ideas, plan out a schedule in advance of what you’re going to post (if you’re a blogger) or create and on which days.  Then make sure you actually follow this schedule by giving yourself deadlines.

Following a schedule and having deadlines is a great way to give yourself a little push and get you back into a routine.  Without deadlines and a schedule, it’s easy to feel all over the place and lazy.

Whether you decide that posting once a week or multiple times a week is the right frequency for you, the most important thing is to be consistent and prevent yourself from getting burnt out.

Having a schedule of upcoming posts all laid out will help you feel less anxious and more on top of things.

Looking or a great planner? Check out my list of 15 awesome kick-ass planners that will help you get organized.

5. Create A Vision Board

Another great tool to help you feel inspired and get some new ideas going is to create your own vision board or dream board.

Figure out what your goals are for the foreseeable future and start brainstorming different visual ideas related to your goals that motivate you or will help you get there.

A fun way to do this is to get a board and start clipping out pictures from the Internet or from magazines and paste them collage-style on the board.  Then put up the board somewhere close to always remind you of what you’re striving towards.  It’s fun and it really helps!

6. Remember Why You Started In The First Place

If you still feel like you can’t overcome your creative block, remember why you started in the first place and try to envision yourself on how excited or motivated you once were before you started.

Is what you’re doing your passion? Does it make you feel great that you are able to help others while doing something that you like?

Focus on these feelings.  Remembering your purpose and passion can help give you the boost you need that’ll help you get things going again.

Don’t forget to check out my post on how to stay motivated if you feel like you need a little push to get you back into the right direction!

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Have you ever felt stuck in a rut?  What were some ways that helped you get over it?  Feel free to share in the comments!

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  1. Cheri Wenger says:

    I really enjoyed hearing how you, as a fellow creative, find creative inspiration. He he he, I can relate to the dripping wet dash from the shower to write down ideas before the next ones popped into my head!

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