Holiday Gift Guide 2023: 30 Christmas Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Christmas Gifts For Your Boyfriend
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The holidays are once again upon us and that means getting gifts for that special guy in our life.

Now if you’re left scratching your head and have no idea what to buy your boyfriend for Christmas, don’t fear.

Here is a list of 30 awesome ideas you can buy as Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or husband this holiday season.

30 Christmas Gifts For Your Boyfriend

thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend

1. Leather Gloves

ugg leather gloves for men

Having to deal with cold weather is no fun if you’re not prepared.

Gift your boyfriend or hubby a pair of fashionable leather gloves to save his fingers from freezing.

Some of these gloves even have touch screen abilities so he can operate his phone in the cold.

2. Wool Beanie

merino wool beanie for men

The top of the head is the most vulnerable area of the body to suffer from heat loss during the winter so it’s always helpful to have an extra layer of protection to keep the heat from escaping.

Gift him a fabulous merino wool beanie and help him keep warm and fashionable in the cold.

3. Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones

beats by dr. dre studio3 headphones

If your man is very active and enjoys lifting weights at the gym or running outside, the Studio3 wireless headphones by Dr. Dre will keep him pumped and ready to do his best.

4. Beard Oil Advent Calendar

christmas beard oil advent calendar

This beard oil advent calendar makes a great little gift for men with beards who want a daily fun surprise this Christmas.

5. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

ray ban classic wayfair sunglasses

Want to protect the health of his eyes from the sun? Gift him a pair of stylish Ray-Ban sunglasses.

6. Blender Bottle

BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle with Pill Organizer and Storage for Protein Powder ProStak System

For any guy who likes to go to the gym often and make their own protein shakes, this BlenderBottle ProStak System adds extra storage room to bring pills and powders along to the gym and makes the perfect gift this Christmas.

7. Apple Watch

apple watch series 3

Every man needs an Apple Watch. Not only is it super practical because it’ll help keep your man on time, but it’ll also help him stay productive and organized.

8. Hamilton Beach Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Are mornings always a rush and there never seems to be enough time to get ready?

Make sure breakfast is eaten with this electric breakfast sandwich maker, which cooks a delicious sandwich in just 5 minutes.

9. Bath Tub Caddy Tray

bathtub caddy tray

Baths aren’t just for the ladies. Guys love to relax too so gift them this bathtub caddy tray so they can relax in the tub while enjoying the use of their laptop, eat, or read a book.

10. Grill Masters Club

grill masters club subscription box

The Grill Masters Club is the perfect box for any man who loves his meats.

This gift box will be delivered monthly with the very best grilling and BBQ goods and supplies. All are hand-selected by a certified BBQ pitmaster.

11. UGG House Slippers

ugg scuff slippers

If he always finds that it’s cold in the house during the winter, gift him these fuzzy, comfy UGG slippers so his feet don’t freeze.

12. Phillips Shaver

philips shaver

Do you like your boyfriend or hubby shaved? Maybe he hates shaving because he always gets ingrown hairs or irritated skin.

Well, forget about disposable razors. This high-quality Phillips Shaver is the perfect gift to keep both of you happy.

This works wet or dry and provides a super close and comfortable shave with each shaving head designed to cut hair 30% closer.

13. Beard King Beard Bib

beard king beard bib

If your boyfriend or hubby has lots of facial hair and always leaves behind a ton of hair in the sink and bathroom counter, you’ll totally understand what I mean when I say that it’s super a-n-n-o-y-i-ng.

In comes the Beard King beard bib to save the day.

This bib temporarily attaches to the mirror so that all the hair can be caught and your counters will stay clean for longer. This is a must-have gift that will benefit both of you guys. Yay for clean counters for us.

14. Beer Making Kit

beer making kit

Does your man like to relax with a bottle of beer at the end of the day?

Instead of gifting him his favorite 6-pack, a beer making kit might be a cool surprise.

It’s also a great way to make a date out of it and spend quality time with each other as you make it together.

15. Wine Making Kit

master vintner wine starter kit

If he’s more of a wine kind of guy, a wine starter kit is also a great option.

boyfriend gift ideas

16. Whiskey Making Kit

whisky making kit

Do they love whisky? This whisky making kit includes three types of oak and six herbs & spices for a truly personal touch.

17. RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

fossil rfid blocking wallet

Since most guys don’t wear purses and they have to carry everything in their pockets, gift him a slim RFID blocking leather wallet from Fossil that will be less bulky yet carry all of his essentials.

It’s also a huge plus that it comes with RFID blocking technology, which is so important nowadays with identity theft and fraud issues.

18. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

corkcicle whiskey wedge

Does your man love enjoying a glass of whiskey but hates how ice waters down his drink? If so, this whiskey ice wedge maker might just be the perfect gift for him.

The wedge comes with both the glass and silicone top to make the perfect drink.

Just freeze the duo in the freezer and enjoy an awesome glass of whiskey.

19. Jack Black Anti-Aging Skincare

jack black skin saviors set

Skincare is important no matter what gender.

If he’s never really taken care of his skin before or he’s too embarrassed to go into the store to purchase the products for himself, gift him this Jack Black skin saviors set to help keep his skin hydrated and youthful.

20. Corcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

corcicle chillsner beer chiller

The Corcicle Chillsner beer chiller is the perfect gift for any beer lover.

There’s nothing quite like drinking a cold beer that’s chilled to the right temperature.

21. Breo Box

breo box subscription box

Breo Box is the best subscription box gift for your significant other if he’s into all things tech.

This is a quarterly subscription box that is curated with the latest tech, home goods, and lifestyle products. Gift him one box for a trial or enough for the whole year.

22. Xbox Series S Console

xbox series s

If your man loves playing games during his off time, the Xbox Series S console is a great addition to any gamer’s collection.

23. Tie

christmas tree tie

Ties can really add a little extra something to an outfit. Gift him this adorable and festive Christmas tree tie for the holiday season.

24. Custom Beer Flights With Glasses

custom beer flights with glasses

These personalized custom beer flights includes glasses and makes a perfect gift if your man is a beer flight lover.

25. Steelseries Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

steelseries apex pro mechanical gaming keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is another great addition to a gamer’s collection.

This Steelseries Apex Pro mechanical gaming keyboard lights up and makes typing a breeze.

26. iRobot Roomba

irobot roomba 675

A lot of guys are lazy and don’t like to clean so a iRobot Roomba makes an awesome gift.

It’s hands-free and you can control it with Alexa. As well, it is self-emptying which makes it so convenient.

27. Man Crates

Want to give a unique gift shipped right to his doorstep that your man will absolutely love?

The Man Crates gift box has a variety of themed gifts packaged in wooden crates for every occasion.

28. Shaker & Spoon

shaker and spoon subscription box

Shaker & Spoon is a monthly cocktail subscription box that delivers 3 unique recipes curated by top bartenders to make 12 drinks a month. Included are syrup, bitters, mixers, garnishes, and more. This makes a great experience gift.

29. Spiffster The Tie + Socks Subscription

Spiffster The Tie + Sock Subscription Box

The Spifferster The Tie + Socks Subscription Box is a premium tie and sock subscription, perfect for fashionistas who want to look spiffy and well-dressed.

Each box comes with a choice between a business, bold, or a variety mix. Choose from a bow tie or a regular tie.

30. Jerky Snob

jerky snob subscription box

Jerky Snob is the subscription box for all beef jerky lovers. If your man loves to try all different flavors and spices, this is the perfect box for him.

Want more gift ideas?

I hope this gift guide helps give you some ideas on what to give your boyfriend for Christmas. If you’re looking for more gift guides, check them out here.

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What are some things you’ll be buying as presents for your boyfriend or husband this holiday season? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Screw the (non-existent) boyfriend — *I* want that breakfast sandwich maker! And the new headphones! And the whisky wedge! These are all such unique (and useful!) ideas for gifts and I may just have to purchase some of these for myself!

    Thanks for sharing! x


    1. There’s no shame in getting these for yourself haha ? I’m glad you like these ideas!

  2. These are awesome gifts to give to your beau or male family members. Loved them.

  3. Tokurah Kuburah says:

    These are lovely gift Guide, I’m definitely getting one of these!
    I love the perfume!

  4. Holly Westover says:

    I’m always look for gift ideas for the men in my life!

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