40 Thoughtful Self-Care & Wellness Gifts

Wellness & Self-Care Gift Ideas
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Are you looking for healthy Christmas gifts to give to someone who is really into health, fitness, and self-care?

Or maybe they have a stressful job or they never seem to have the time to slow down and take care of themselves.

Well, you’ve come to the perfect place!  Here are 40 thoughtful self-care and wellness gifts you can give them this holiday season.

I recommend that you brainstorm your ideas for self-care gifts early on and get your holiday shopping done before the holiday rush so you don’t have to scramble at the last moment to find something.

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pampering ideas and wellness gifts

40 Thoughtful Self-Care & Wellness Gifts

1. Bath Bombs With Surprise Rings

jewelry bath bombsBath bombs are currently all the rage right now.

These bath bombs bring it to the next level with sparkling surprise rings in every ball.

Bath bomb sets makes great relaxation gifts for bath lovers.

2. Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Mask

grace and stella energizing eye masksAre they often stressed and don’t get enough sleep?

Gift them this 12 piece Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Mask set.

These are great to soothe and re-energize dark circles, puffy, and tired eyes.

3. Yoga Mat

yoga matAre they a die-hard yoga fan?  This yoga mat is a must.

4. Lululemon Align Crop Leggings

lululemon align crop leggingAlong with a yoga mat, cute work out gear can help give that extra bit of motivation to hit the gym or yoga studio to take care of their health.

These Lululemon align crop leggings make excellent gifts for fitness lovers because they’re so comfy.

They’ll want to wear them all the time even when they’re not in the gym.

5. The Body Shop Brazilian Body Scrub

the body shop brazilian body scrubHelp them shed off rough and dry skin with The Body Shop Brazilian body scrub.

This stuff will leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth.

6. Scented Soy Wax Candle

t&h stress relief aromatherapy soy wax candles

Candles are always great to light up when you need a little bit of relaxation.

This hand-poured soy wax candle is scented with all natural fragrances and comes in a beautiful, elegant pot.

It’s the perfect little gift for the holidays.

7. White Noise Machine 

white noise machineDo they have trouble sleeping without having at least some noise in the background?

This white noise machine plays 6 different natural sounds that will help them fall asleep faster, leaving them feeling more energized and ready to take on their day.

It even comes with a handy timer so that it’ll shut off after a certain time period.

8. Moleskine Wellness Passion Journal

moleskine passion wellness journalThis Moleskine wellness journal is a great gift for anyone who loves writing in a journal and documenting their wellness and self-care journey.

The pages in this journal are so buttery soft so it’s a total dream to write in.

9. Plush Robe

customized monogram fleece robe

Every girl needs a comfy robe so if they don’t have one, this luxurious and plush personalized monogrammed fleece robe is a must.

10. Gym Bag

lululemon define duffel bag

This Lululemon duffel bag is so handy with tons of space to carry everything they need to bring to their favorite gym or yoga studio.

11. UGG House Slippers

ugg genuine sheepskin slippersIt can get cold in the house in the winter so gift them these comfy UGG genuine sheepskin slippers to help warm them up.

12. Reed Diffuser

reed diffuserReed diffusers are great alternatives to candles.

If they dislike lighting candles but love trying out new fragrances at home, this Nest reed diffuser is a great thing to add to your list of self-care gift ideas.

13. Herbivore Botanicals Calm Dead Sea Bath Salts

calm bath saltsA calming bath with the Herbivore Botanicals Calm Dead Sea Bath Salts is sometimes all one needs to pamper, detox, and relax after a long day.

These bath salts are 100% vegan and all natural and help complete a girl’s self-care kit.

14. Hey Girl Bedtime Tea

hey girl sleep teaThe Hey Girl Bedtime Tea is a great gift for someone who needs a natural sleep aid along with stress and anxiety relief.

15. bkr Glass Water Bottle

bkr water bottleDo they enjoy working out but don’t have a great, lightweight water bottle?

Gift them this bkr glass water bottle.  It’s BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and has a sturdy silicone shell to protect it from damage.

Not only is it better than a plastic water bottle because it’s made of glass, but it’s also super stylish and it comes in a ton of colors.

16. Glass Teapot & Infuser Set

tea pot & infuser setDo they love to drink tea?

Add this premium quality glass teapot and infuser set to your list of wellness gift ideas because it’s perfect for loose leaf teas and it even comes with 2 blooming green tea flowers.

17. Furry Sleep Mask

fuzzy sleep maskIf they’re constantly being woken up by the sun before it’s actually time to get up because they don’t have blackout curtains, this adorable furry sleep mask is a must to get a good night’s rest.

18. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Pillow Mist Spray

bath and body works stress relief mistIf they have trouble sleeping at night, this Bath & Body Works aromatherapy pillow mist spray in eucalyptus spearmint will definitely provide stress relief, help them relax, and get ready to slip into dreamland.

19. Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Pink Clay Cleansing Soap Bar

herbivore botanicals pink clay cleansing barThis Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Pink Clay Cleansing Soap Bar helps to draw impurities and toxins out of the body while nourishing and hydrating the skin.

It’s the perfect healthy gift for a skincare and wellness junkie.

20. Kate Spade Lemon Water Tumbler

kate spade gold and blush pink tumblerIf they have trouble getting their recommended 8 glasses of water a day, gift them this Kate Spade gold and blush pink water tumbler to help them stay healthy and hydrated.

21. Bath Tub Caddy Tray

bathtub caddy trayDo they love to just sit and relax in the tub with a glass of wine?

Gift them this handy bath tub caddy tray so they can enjoy some time in the tub while they use their laptop, eat, or read a book.

22. Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

pedi electronic foot fileDo they suffer from annoyingly dry and cracked feet in the winter?

This Amope Pedi Perfect electronic foot file is perfect to get rid of all of that dead skin.

23. Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush

philips sonicare diamond clean rechargeable toohbrushDental hygiene is so important.

Gift them this fancy Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean rechargeable toothbrush and help keep their teeth sparkling white and in good shape.

24. Essential Oil Diffuser & Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

essential oil diffuserThis essential oil diffuser & ultrasonic cool mist humidifier has dual functions which makes it so versatile.

This is one of the best self-care gifts for someone who is an essential oil junkie.

25. Kombucha Brewing Kit

kombucha brewing kitDo they love drinking kombucha for its health benefits but don’t want to spend more than $3 to $5 each time they buy a bottle?

If so, this Kombucha Brewing Kit will be right up their alley.

Help them save time and money with this kit that includes all the ingredients and supplies they need to make their own kombucha in the comfort of their own home.

26. Portable Light Therapy Lamp

verilux happylight light touch therapy lampThe Winter Blues are no joke with shorter days, less sunlight, and colder weather in the winter.

If they suffer from seasonal affective disorder, this light therapy lamp might be just the tool they need to help alleviate the feeling of being down.

It’s also portable so it’s great if they’re constantly on the go.

27. GLO Science Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device

glo science brilliant teeth whitening device kitHelp them achieve a whiter smile with the GLO Science Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device.

This easy-to-use kit provides awesome whitening results that can take their teeth 5 shades whiter in 5 days without sensitivity.

28. Silk’n Infinity At-Home Laser Hair Removal System

Silk’n Infinity at home permanent hair removal systemDealing with unwanted hair is expensive and a pain in the butt.

The Silk’n Infinity At-Home Laser Hair Removal System is the perfect gift to get rid of their unwanted hair without having to go to the salon.

29. Adult Coloring Book

healthy coping adult coloring book and journalColoring books aren’t just for kids!

This adult coloring book is great to help manage stress and cope with anxiety.

30. Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

gel nail polish starter kitThis gel nail polish starter kit is great for at-home manicures.

It comes with everything they’ll need to get started so they don’t have to spend tons of money at the salon.

31. Foreo Luna 3

foreo luna 3The Foreo Luna 3 is perfect to cleanse away dirt, oil, and excess sebum from wearing make up and being out and about.  Their skin will thank you.

32. Essential Oils Kit

essentials oil kitIf essential oils is their thing, this essentials oil kit will be right up their alley.

These are perfect to use alongside carrier oils for the body and home.

33. Water Bottle With Infuser

infuser water bottleStaying hydrated is so important.  But if they don’t like to drink water, this infuser water bottle will help them add fruits to their water so it’ll taste better.

34. Bamboo Bed Tray

bamboo bed tray for breakfast in bed or a laptopIs staying in bed their ultimate idea of a self-care day?

This luxurious bamboo bed tray is so convenient and will allow them to enjoy breakfast in bed or even work on their laptop.

35. Fitbit Inspire HR

fitbit inspire hr

Staying fit is real easy with the Fitbit Inspire HR.

It’s a great fitness tracker, heart rate tracker, and it even tracks your sleep activity.

36. Slip Silk Pillow Case

slip silk pillowcase

It’s so important to sleep with a silk pillow to help stop creasing of the skin and hair breakage.

This Slip silk pillow case is perfect for anti-aging and is a must in every woman’s self-care regimen.

37. Respyre

respyre subscription boxRespyre is a hand-crafted wellness tea subscription box that sends 2 new teas a month and is perfect for those much needed self-care days.

The boxes has monthly themes including Detox, Energy, Sleep, Digest, and Immunity.

Use coupon code 15OFF to get 15% off!

38. Go Love Yourself

go love yourself subscription boxGo Love Yourself is a deluxe self-care box that aims to increase your happiness and leave you more fulfilled.

Included is a self-help book, workbook, webinar, along with 3 to 5 self-care items.

The best part is that they will get access to a whole support community online to help make the changes stick.

39. TheraBox

therabox subscription boxTheraBox is the ultimate self-care subscription box curated by therapists to help reduce stress, increase happiness, and inspire love.

Each box contains 1 happiness activity along with 5 to 7 self-care wellness products including aromatherapy, body and skincare, natural & organic bath, and so much more.

Use coupon code CJFIRST10 to get 10% off!

40. Love Goodly

love goodly subscription boxFor friends and family who live a cruelty-free and toxin-free lifestyle, Love Goodly is the lifestyle subscription box for them.

Every other month, a box of full-sized goodies valued at over $80 will be mailed out right to their doorstep.

Help them discover awesome non-toxic beauty and skincare products along with eco-style or home accessories, healthy snacks and wellness products.

Want more gift ideas?

I hope that this list of pampering ideas and relaxation gifts for her was helpful to you.  If you’re looking for more gift guides, check them out here!

thoughtful self-care and wellness gifts

What are some health and wellness gifts you’ll be giving your friends, family, and loved ones this holiday season?


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