25 New Year’s Goal Ideas For 2022 + Why Should You Set Goals This Year

Why You Should Set Goals + 25 New Year's Goal Ideas
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The new year is finally here and that means it’s that time of year again to figure out what has and hasn’t worked out this past year and how to improve going forward into 2022.

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Why You Should Set New Year’s Goals

If you’re reading this and you’re not the type of person who believes in setting goals for the new year, you might want to think again!

Now, I’m not talking about new year’s resolutions which most people tend to think about when the new year rolls around.

Resolutions don’t necessarily have a deadline and they’re more abstract.

Instead, goals are more specific and measurable which is what you want to focus on instead and will help you get to where you want to be this year.

Here are some reasons why I believe you should set goals at the beginning of the year.

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Easy To Keep Track

Obviously you can set goals any time throughout the year and I totally encourage you to continuously revise your goals during the year.

But setting concrete goals in the the new year can be an easy marker and a great way to keep track of your success with ease.

Knowing that you’ve started working towards a goal in January makes it easy to track how far you’ve come throughout the year because you know the exact start date of your goals.

You’re Not Alone

Setting goals at the beginning of the year is also great because many people are in the same boat as you.

When you share your goals and ideas with these people who are just as pumped and ready to work hard to achieve their own goals as you are, it can rub off on you in a good way.

For example, when you workout in January to get closer to your fitness goals, there will be a whole lot of people there with you at the gym who are just as ready to get into shape as you.

Find some friends who want to achieve similar goals to you and strive to be each other’s accountability partners.  It’ll help you stay on track and keep you motivated.

Having a whole group of people who are in the same boat and are ready to cheer you on when you’re trying to achieve something is way easier than trying to achieve it all by yourself without any support or encouragement.

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Higher Likelihood of Success

Setting goals for yourself at the beginning of the year is the first step to getting where you want to be and knowing the direction you’re working towards.

When you know exactly what you’re striving for, you can then plan out the necessary steps and the exact action plan to get there.

You’ll have a much lower likelihood of success if you’re lost or wandering around aimlessly.

A Fresh Start

Lastly, setting goals for the new year can psychologically feel like it’s a fresh start.

If you tend to kick yourself for not achieving everything as planned the previous year, treat the new year like it’s a totally blank slate.

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Goal Setting Planner 2022

Before we get into all the goal ideas, check out my Goal Setting Planner for 2022. This planner will help get you on track to reaching all your goals this year and be more productive.

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25 New Year’s Goal Ideas

Now that you know why setting goals at the beginning of the year is so important, here are some starter ideas on goals you can try to set and accomplish this new year to better yourself and achieve success.

1. Maintain a regular fitness regimen. Joining a gym or doing workouts at home are both great ways to get your body moving and in shape.

2. Get up earlier. We all only have 24 hours in a day. If you want to get more done during the day, you’ll need to free up these hours if you have a busy schedule and getting up earlier is a great way to do that.

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3. Drink more water. Water is so important for a healthy body so drink less sodas, sugary drinks, and alcohol this year for a healthier you.

4. Keep a regular sleep schedule. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is important for getting better sleep quality which will help you stay more alert, feel more energized, and improve your productivity levels during the day.

If your sleeping schedule is all out of whack when the weekend rolls around, you might want to re-think that and start choosing a regular bed time.

eat at home meal plans - meal planning membership

5. Start and maintain a healthier diet. How you feel everyday, which affects how productive you are during the day, is affected by your diet.

Choose to eat healthier this year so you can feel and look your best.  I recommend checking out the Eat At Home Meal Plans if you’re looking to create cheap but healthy meals.

This meal plan membership includes access to ALL 4 of the following separate meal plans.  The great part is you can mix and match depending on your needs and tastes.

1. Traditional – This plan is family-friendly and includes a variety of meats and veggies, and the occasional meatless meal.

2. Whole Food Plant Based – This plan places more emphasis on natural foods including vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.  No meats, cheese, milk, fish, or eggs.

3. Slow Cooker/Instant Pot – This plan provides recipes that you can cook in your slow cooker and includes many Instant Pot recipes as well.  (Bonus: It includes 1 week of Slow Cooker Freezer meals that are ready to eat in an hour!)

4. No Flour, No Sugar – This plan includes easy-to-prepare meals made from veggies and protein from whole foods with no flour or artificial sugars added.

Other great advantages of the Eat At Home Meal Plans include:

  • Meal plans provided at the beginning of the month so you’ll have time to plan and minimize shopping trips
  • 15-minute meals for super busy nights
  • Color-coded lists so you can swap out ingredients or whole meals when needed
  • Printable recipes for easy cooking
  • Printable menus which are perfect to hang on your fridge or near your calendar for easy viewing

These will help you save time so you don’t have to think long and hard on what to make at home and it’ll keep you focused on staying healthy.

eat at home meal plans - meal planning membership

6. Limit how much you eat out. Instead of eating out, make more healthy meals at home in bulk. You’ll save time and money at the same time as improving your health because you’ll know the exact ingredients that are going into your body.

7. Declutter your home. Start the new year off with decluttering your home, such as furniture, clothes, and toys, if it’s messy and overcrowded with things that you no longer need.

Here are 100 ideas of what you can declutter from your home to be more organized.

30 day guided gratitude journal with inspirational prompts

8. Write in a gratitude journal every day. Document your thoughts and feelings this year in a daily gratitude journal so you can look back on it for years to come.

9. Be more generous this year. There are always unfortunate people who need your help so what better way to start off the year than to give.

If you have the time, find an organization who needs more volunteers or donate to a charity of your choice if you don’t have extra time.

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10. Read one book a week. Reading helps keep the mind sharp and improves your knowledge of the world.

Whether you’re into fiction or self-development books, I encourage you to try to find the time this year to read more.

Check out my list of 10 self-improvement books you should read in 2022 if you’re looking for books to improve yourself this year.

If you don’t like to read books or you don’t have the time to physically sit down to read, try listening to audiobooks on Audible.

With audiobooks, you can listen to a book while you’re working out, commuting to work, or even cleaning the house.  It’s currently one of my recent favorite obsessions.

Try a free trial of Audible along with 1 free audiobook for yourself with my link!

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11. Start a side hustle. If you’re looking to start a side business this year, here are 30 side hustle ideas I recommend that you check out to earn extra cash.

12. Leave toxic relationships behind and nurture new and existing healthy ones instead. Leave any negativity that you don’t want behind and start off the year with positive energy.

This includes getting rid of toxic relationships that you know aren’t good for you which drain all of the positive energy out of you.

Nurture the healthy relationships in your life and look for new and inspiring people to spend time with this year who will lift you up instead.

13. Be more kind to yourself by practicing self-care. You’re often your own harshest critic so stop bashing yourself. Be nicer to yourself this year by practicing self-care and positive self-talk.

30 day self-care habits journal and workbook

30-Day Self Care Habits Journal + Workbook

Jumpstart your new year with healthy self-care habits and goals. Start living a happier and more positive life today.

14. Meditate and practice mindfulness everyday. With all the chaos and stress that happens in our lives, it’s important to take the time out of your busy day to meditate and re-center your thoughts.

A great place to do this is in a calm and peaceful area at home where you can be alone.

A great app to help guide your meditations is Headspace. Try Headspace for free for 14 days and see if it helps you relieve some stress and anxiety!

15. Do one specific thing that is totally out of your comfort zone. In order to grow, you sometimes have to do stuff that is totally out of your comfort zone and that makes you nervous or scared.

Pick something you want to tackle this year and get it done. You’ll feel great after and it’ll help you gain the confidence that you can do whatever you set your mind to in the future.

escape the ordinary notebook with plant

16. Have more ‘me’ time. Spending time with yourself is important to get to know yourself and to recharge. If you’re constantly on the go or taking care of everyone but yourself, it’s time to change that this year.

Whether you draw a nice hot bubble bath or sit down to paint, take some time out of the day every day to just make it all about you.

You can even fill out a therapeutic adulting coloring book (that’s right – coloring books aren’t just for kids!).

You can also subscribe to a variety of wellness and self-care boxes that are designed to help you practice better self-care during your down time.  The best thing is that they ship right to your door!

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Change Your Life Today With these Goals

Get your free list of goal ideas you can start working towards straight to your inbox. Start working towards your dream life today!

17. Pay down outstanding debt. Getting your finances in order if you have outstanding debt is important if you want to start saving money and living financially free.

Don’t waste time. Make a plan on how you’re going to do that and start paying down outstanding debt today.

Here are some ways to cut down your monthly expenses each month and ways to earn extra cash.

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18. Travel the world. Traveling is a great way to relax and have fun but also to broaden your view of the world and find yourself when you need to do some soul searching.

Buy Groupon getaway deals, book an Airbnb, or check out Expedia discount deals to save money.

19. Spend more time with family and friends. If you don’t see your friends and family as much as you’d like, put in the effort this year to reach out to them and see them more often.

Take the time out of your busy day to nurture your relationships because it’s easy to lose contact if both parties don’t put in the effort.

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20. Limit your time on social media. We waste hours on end everyday scrolling through social media when we can be more productive and get things done.

21. Go on a shopping ban. We live in a materialistic world where we think we’ll be happier the more we have.

Well that isn’t great for our wallets or our minds.

Try going on a shopping ban this year and see how much happier you and your wallet can get.

22. Spend money on experiences instead of shopping. Focus less on material goods this year like goal #21 above and more on experiences which are far more memorable.

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23. Learn a new skill. What is something that you’ve always wanted to learn? A language? An instrument? Start taking lessons this year and gain a new skill.

24. Watch less TV. Stop spending as much time watching shows on Netflix you like and start being more productive and focusing on furthering your own personal development.

25. Limit how much you sit. Sitting is detrimental to our health but many of us have to sit at a desk for long periods of time at 9 to 5 jobs. Stop being sedentary and get moving.

Success is within reach

Get closer to reaching all your goals this year with the 2022 Goal Setting Planner.


There you have it – 25 ideas on goals you can set for yourself this year.

In no way is this list complete but I hope my post gives you some ideas on what you can do to improve your life this year.

Next, check out my post on how you can slay these goals so you can create your dream life.

Have a wonderful 2022 and I hope you achieve all of your goals this year!

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What are some of your new year’s goal ideas that you want to accomplish this year? Let me know in the comments!


  1. You gave so many great goal ideas. For the last 3 years I have been setting and writing down my goals, and it has made such a huge difference in how I move through the year.

  2. I really like the list of goals you suggested! I’m working on a handful of them, like getting to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier and being more mindful/intentional about how/where I spend my time.

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