7 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues This Season

Have you ever wondered why you often feel like you just can't seem to beat the Winter Blues? Winters here are long and dark with not enough sun and, not to mention, really cold! It's not uncommon that people who live in cold, dreary countries often suffer from seasonal affective disorder or as many people commonly call it, the Winter Blues. Most days, you're going into work or school when ... Read the Post

The Ultimate Beauty Presents For Skincare & Makeup Lovers

With Christmas just around the corner, it's gift giving time!  Makeup and skincare products make great presents for the holidays, especially for beauty lovers.  Often times, people won't splurge on an item on their own because it's too expensive so the holidays are a great time to get them something that they otherwise wouldn't get. Skincare products are practical (hello beautiful ... Read the Post