24 Furniture Ideas To Maximize Your Space In A Small Apartment

If you live in a very small apartment or condo, you know just how valuable space.  Whether it's a tiny college dorm or a small studio apartment in the city, every square foot counts when there's not enough room. When you've only got a few hundred square feet of room to work with, it's likely that you're just not going to have enough space to fit all of your furniture, belongings, and home ... Read the Post

How To Find The Perfect Roommate & 6 Tips On How To Avoid Conflict

If you're currently looking to find the perfect roommate, the whole process can be a little nerve-wracking and overwhelming! You might be asking yourself whether it's best to room with your best friend, an acquaintance, your significant other, or even a random stranger. Having lived with multiple different roommates throughout my university years, it was sometimes a challenge to get used to ... Read the Post

How To Make Up To $22/Hour By Teaching English Online At Home

Are you looking to start a flexible side hustle and make extra income? Whether you're a stay-at-home mom with lots of downtime and you'd like to add to your income or you're looking for a 100% flexible side gig where you can set your own hours while you travel around the world, here are 3 awesome companies to join if you'd like to work online at home or abroad. Pro Tip: You can sign up and work ... Read the Post