A Beginner’s Guide: How To Move Out For The First Time On Your Own

If you're at the age where you want your own freedom and independence and you're thinking of moving out from your parents' house, you may have a whole bunch of thoughts on your mind.  From what type of place you want to live in, to if you're going to share it with roommates, and how much money you're going to need, there is a lot to consider. Deciding to move out of your parents' house ... Read the Post

7 Money Saving Shopping Apps You Need In Your Life

Do you love to shop but hate parting with your money? I'm all for saving money whenever I can and if you are too, you're at the right place! Whether I'm buying necessities, such as groceries or household products, or shopping for clothes or shoes, I always think carefully about what I want to buy and make sure I'm getting it for the best price possible. ... Read the Post

Eyelash Extensions: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

I'm all about using mascaras on a daily basis. But, let's be honest. It can get a little tiring to have to go through the whole process of waiting for your lashes to dry in between 3 coats of mascara and then washing the product off with multiple pumps of cleansing oil at the end of the night. Sometimes, a girl just wants to simplify her beauty routine to be a little more efficient and ... Read the Post