70 Powerful Daily Affirmations For Money And Abundance

powerful daily affirmations for money and abundance
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Do you find that you have a negative relationship with money or find yourself shying away from it?

Money is a tool that should be used as a means to an end. But for many, it can be a crutch that can up-end your life and cause trouble.

It’s common to grow up with a negative mindset about money especially if it comes from generational trauma or if a negative life-changing incident happens and changes the way you see money.

Luckily, you can train your mind to change the way you see money so you can have a more positive relationship with money.

To start changing your views on money and get unstuck from this negative mindset, you can help yourself do this by practicing daily powerful daily affirmations for money and abundance.

When you start the day with these affirmations, you can give yourself a chance to heal your relationship with money, start having a more positive money mindset, and even manifest wealth and financial success.

abundance of money affirmations

Why You Should Practice Daily Affirmations For Wealth And Abundance

How you view money and the inner dialogue you have with yourself about it every day is very important.

Some thoughts you might have include:

…I don’t deserve to have money.

…I’m not skilled or smart enough to get and keep a high-paying job.

…I grew up without money and can’t get out of my financial situation.

…I use all my money so quickly when I get it so why even bother making money?

…I can’t or I don’t deserve [insert here] because [reason].

These negative statements about money that you tell yourself all the time can create limiting beliefs stemming from your fear of past events or the ideas you learned growing up past down by your family.

These beliefs can negatively impact how you view yourself, which causes a cascade of effects relating to your decision-making processes and actions day in and day out.

When it comes down to it, these limiting beliefs can greatly affect the potential success you experience in your life as you will likely shy away from some great opportunities that come your way.

For example, imagine you can land a high-paying job that pays you twice as much money as you got paid right now.

You decide to turn it down because you’re scared (based on your past experiences and beliefs) that you just can’t handle money and you’ll spend all of it.

These thoughts can cause you to turn down a great opportunity just because you have a blockage in thinking about money.

So to counter these negative thoughts and stories that aren’t serving you, you can work on re-training your brain to have a more positive mindset towards money.

To re-train your brain, you can practice saying affirmations to yourself.

Affirmations are powerful positive statements that can help you reduce limiting beliefs that hold you back from your true potential.

They can empower you to take back control, change how you feel about money, and even manifest financial success, prosperity, and abundance into your life.

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Ways To Start Practicing Affirmations For Attracting Money

Affirmations can help lead to positive changes in your life. However, these changes aren’t something that just happens overnight.

You can’t just say these statements to yourself once or twice and be done with it. They need to be a part of your daily self-care routine.

Morning Money Mindset Affirmations

A great way to start practicing money mindset affirmations is to incorporate them into your morning routine.

Why is the morning such a great time? Well, you’re just starting a new day so it’s a fresh start.

You can say these to yourself or listen to an audio track and repeat them out loud to help put you in the right mindset to deal with money during the day.

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Write Them In A Journal

If you enjoy your self-care routine at night, a great way to add this in is to write out your wealth and prosperity affirmations in a journal at night along with your thoughts for the day.

The great thing about writing is that you can always reference these statements later.

You will have a record of what you were working on yourself many weeks, months, or years ago down the line.

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Use Them In Time Of Need

Positive affirmations don’t just have to be used proactively.

If you can feel yourself viewing money negatively or feeling stuck in a not-so-favorable situation that feels hopeless, whip out these statements when you need a little bit of perspective.

Choose The Best Affirmations For Manifesting Money That Resonate With You

It’s important to choose affirmations that resonate with you and that you believe can be or are true.

You can’t just go through the motions and repeat these to yourself without really visualizing what they mean and actually saying them with heart.

Think of what your views of money are and how your weaknesses related to money are creating money blockages and holding you back from achieving financial abundance.

Then choose a few from this list that you want to focus on in the mornings to manifest and attract money and success. You don’t need to say all of these if they don’t apply to you.

If you don’t think that these affirmations are true yet, you can always add an “I believe” statement before them for now as you work through them.

money affirmations for financial success and abundance

70 Positive Money Affirmations

Here is a list of powerful daily affirmations for money and abundance.

1. My life is full of abundance.

2. I deserve to be wealthy.

3. I can feel wealth coming my way.

4. Opportunities to make money are coming my way.

5. I am reaching my money goals.

6. I am going to live out my financial dreams.

7. I welcome any unexpected money.

8. I am attracting money right now.

i am attracting money right now - affirmation cards

9. I am increasing my wealth.

10. Money easily flows to me.

11. I am a magnet to money.

12. I am making the correct choices with my money.

13. I am in a positive financial state.

14. I am able to save money.

15. I am spending my money wisely.

16. I can easily manage money.

17. I have a positive relationship with money.

i have a positive relationship with money - affirmation cards

18. Money is freedom.

19. I easily manage and invest my money.

20. The sky is the limit to how much I can earn.

21. I am able to keep finding new sources of income.

22. I am on my way to being rich.

23. I am going to reach financial freedom.

24. Money is pouring into my life.

25. I am financially stable and successful.

i am financially stable and successful - affirmation cards

26. I have a good relationship with money.

27. I am on my way to reaching financial success.

28. I attract wealth.

29. The more I focus, the more I earn.

30. I am open to receiving money.

31. Prosperity is drawn to me.

32. There is money everywhere around me.

33. I deserve to make more money.

34. I am making money through hard work.

i am making money through hard work - affirmation cards

35. Money easily falls into my lap.

36. More money is coming my way.

37. The money I invest today will come back to me in spades.

38. I am grateful for money.

39. My needs are fulfilled by using my money.

40. The more I visualize myself having money, the more I receive it.

41. Prosperity is flowing to me.

42. I embrace the challenge of saving money.

43. I can manifest money when I want it.

i can manifest money when i want it - affirmation cards

44. I am able to stick to a budget.

45. Every action I take is taking me closer to my financial goals.

46. I am the master of my money.

47. I am responsible with my money.

48. I am saving for my future today and my future self thanks me.

49. I am worthy of financial security.

50. Money brings me comfort.

51. I am disciplined to make hard choices with my money.

52. I am re-writing my story with money.

i am re-writing my story with money - affirmation cards

53. I attract opportunities to make more money.

54. My bank account is bursting with money.

55. I am making money doing something I love.

56. My income is always growing.

57. I am using my skills to make more money.

58. I have a lot of fun making money.

59. I am so grateful I earn an income doing something I love.

60. Money comes to me in surprising and fun ways.

61. I am letting go of my fears about money.

i am letting go of my fears about money - affirmation cards

62. There is enough money to go around to everyone around me.

63. I can afford everything I want.

64. I control my money.

65. I am going to have good fortune.

66. I am able to spend less than I earn.

67. My money and I are friends.

68. My mindset towards money is positive.

69. I am financially free.

70. Money allows me to construct a happy life.

Keep working on these bit by bit.

You’ll soon find that you’re on your way to attracting wealth and abundance in your life as you actively change your beliefs about money and ultimately your daily actions.

If you don’t believe in these statements about yourself at first, keep training your mind to start believing in these statements the more you practice them.

This can be a process so keep at it!

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More Daily Positive Affirmations

What are some daily affirmations for wealth and prosperity that resonate with you? Let me know in the comments!

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