The Ultimate List Of Rose Gold Office Supplies & Desk Accessories

The Ultimate List Of Rose Gold Office Supplies
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Looking for a way to add some glam to your home office or to decorate your desk at work?

It’s actually quite easy to totally transform your work space into a feminine and pretty environment just by adding a few small additions to the room.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to add rose gold office supplies to my work desk.  It’s sleek and minimalistic yet glams it up so effortlessly!

ultimate list of rose gold desk accessories and office supplies

Rose Gold Office Supplies

If you’re obsessed with rose gold everything like I am and love all things girly, you’ll definitely want to check out my list of rose gold office supplies that you’ll want to add to your wish list.

1. Tape Dispenser

Need to use tape a lot but hate how boring the typical tape dispenser looks?

These pretty acrylic and rose gold ones will brighten up any room!

rose gold clear acrylic tape dispenserAcrylic Tape Dispenser With A Rose Gold Accent

rose gold wire tape dispenserWire Tape Dispenser

2. Stapler & Remover

An acrylic and rose gold stapler is a must if you’re constantly dealing with endless piles of paper.

Ditch the boring typical silver staples and add these rose gold staples to your office instead to add a bit of fun to your paper work.

Don’t forget to get a staple remover as well in case you make any mistakes.

rose gold stapler and remover setStapler & Staple Remover Set

rose gold staplerRose Gold Staples

3. Mouse Pad

Add this beautiful marble rose gold mouse pad to your work desk to give your mouse a nice smooth surface to slide across.

Logitech Mouse PadMouse Pad

4. Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

Hate using a mouse and keyboard with wires?  This beautiful slim wireless mouse & keyboard set uses bluetooth so that it’s totally portable.

rose gold wireless keyboard and mouse setWireless Mouse & Keyboard Set

5. Scissors

A good pair of sharp scissors is always a nice accessory to have in your office.  The rose gold handles adds a nice touch of elegance.

rose gold scissorsScissors

6. Ruler & Protractor Set

Add a beautiful ruler and protractor set to your work supplies kit if you need to do a lot of drawings and calculations.

rose gold ruler and protractorRuler & Protractor Set

7. Pens

Pens don’t need to be boring!

Add a little bit of fun to your pen collection with this elegant set of rose gold pens with beautiful crystals.

rose gold crystal pensPen Set With Crystals

8. Pen Holder

Show off your pens in a pretty cup!  These two picks below are my current favorites.

acrylic pen holder with rose gold bottomAcrylic Pen Holder

rose gold wire pen holderWire Pen Holder

9. Notepad

We all need to jot down little notes here and there throughout the day.  This rose gold notepad will definitely come in handy.

rose gold lined notepadNotepad

10. Post-It Note Dispenser

Do you hate leaving your Post-It Notes everywhere on your desk?

Encase your sticky notes in this cute acrylic Post-It Note dispenser for easy access.

rose gold post-it note dispenserPost-It Note Dispenser

11. Sticky Notes

If you’re looking for more sticky notes, here is a really cute rose gold set that comes in a variety of sizes.

rose gold sticky note setSticky Note Set

12. To-Do List

Get organized by writing down your weekly to-do list.

Check out this simple planner that you can easily rip off each week that will help you get stuff done.

planner and to-do list notepadTo-Do List

A6 Tear Off Pink and White Grid Note PadGrid Note Pad

13. Wall Calendar

Sometimes you need a higher overview of your month and a larger area to write down your goals, plans, and upcoming events.

These cute wall or desk calendars can help you do just that and are a great addition to any office or room.

blush pink weekly notepadUndated Weekly Planner

Tear-Off Productivity NotepadTear-Off Productivity Planner

14. Lined Notebook

Sometimes you need a more formal notebook where you can permanently jot down all of your notes and refer back to them.

This Jumping Fox lined notebook is perfect for that and comes with a beautiful rose gold cover.

jumping fox design linen premium hardcover lined notebook journalJumping Fox Lined Notebook

15. Planner

If you’re looking to manage your time well and slay all of your goals this year, check out the following planners with rose gold covers!

law of attraction rose gold daily plannerFreedom Mastery Law Of Attraction Planner

clever fox planner pro weekly and monthly planner premium editionClever Fox Planner Pro

Looking for more great planners?  Check out my post on my 25 favorite planners that will help you get organized this year.

16. Calendar Box

If you want to add some fun rose gold pieces to decorate your desk, this vintage perpetual hanging wooden and metal calendar is a great pick.

hanging metal and wood rose gold calendarPerpetual Hanging Calendar

17. Tissue Box

Not all tissue boxes have cute designs so add a rose gold tissue box cover over it to instantly glam up your desk.

rose gold tissue box coverRose Gold Tissue Box Cover

18. Letter Tray

If you tend to have a really messy desk cluttered with paper, these beautiful letter trays will be a life saver.

rose gold stackable wire letter trayWired Stackable Letter Tray

rose gold acrylic letter trayjpgAcrylic Rose Gold Letter Tray

rose gold stackable letter trayStackable Wire Letter Tray

19. Letter Filer/File Holder

Another great essential for organizing paper work are letter filers or file holders.  I love how these add a touch of glam to any office space.

acrylic rose gold letter file holderAcrylic Rose Gold Letter Filer

rose gold wire letter filer file holderWire File Holder

20. Magazine Holder

If you need to file any magazines or brochures away, these magazine holders are absolutely stunning and will add a little something extra to the room.

rose gold magazine holderAcrylic Rose Gold Magazine Holder

blu monaco rose gold magazine holder file organizer boxFoldable Magazine Holder

21. Book Stand & Bookend

If you have a lot of books, adding a bookend to stop them from falling down is always helpful. This bookstand below conveniently doubles as a bookend.

rose gold bookendBook Stand & Bookend

22. Hanging File Organizer

If you don’t have enough desk space to store all of your papers and books, make use of any areas of the wall that are empty with a hanging file organizer.

metal mesh wire shelf magazine file holderHanging File Organizer

23. Desk Organizer

Having enough supplies to use when you need them is great but it can get pretty messy if your tools are all over the place.

Add a desk organizer and voila – you’ll have a clean but useful work space.

Place any bits and bobs you might have lying around, your cell phone, scissors, rulers, calculator, and everything else you need in this handy little space.

rose gold acrylic desk organizerAcrylic Desk Organizer

rose gold metal desk organizerWired Desk Organizer

24. Wall Grid Panel

Adding a wall grid panel is a great way to inject some fun to your room.

You can use some bull dog paper clips (more on those below!) to hang pictures, souvenirs, and anything else you want to display.

It’s also convenient to add a hanging grid panel tray if you want more shelf space and add heavier items.

rose gold wall grid panelWall Grid Panel

rose gold wall grid panel metal shelfHanging Grid Panel Tray

Check out these places to find cool art prints that will inspire your creativity:

25. Paper Clips

Paper clips always come in handy when you’re dealing with paper work so add some color to your day with these pretty rose gold ones.

The great thing about them is that there are a variety of different types of paper clips that you can use for different purposes, which make them super versatile!

You can use them to hang pictures on the wall grid panel which I talked about above or to even clip bags of food in your kitchen.

I’ve included regular paper clips, bull dog paper clips, and wire binder clips below.

rose gold paper clipsPaper Clips – This comes in a beautiful clear plastic box to keep them neatly stored on your desk

rose gold bulldog paper clipsBull Dog Paper Clips

rose gold wire clipsWire Binder Clips

rose gold binder clipsWire Binder Clips

26. Paper Clip Holder

Add this cute little paper clip holder to your desk to house your paper clips and keep your desk clean and organized.

round rose gold paper clip holder

Paper Clip Holder

27. Thumbtacks

Do you have a cork board or cubicle wall that you want to use to stick papers, a calendar, and other notes?

You’ll want to add these pretty rose gold push pins to your office supply kit.  It also comes with a handy clear reusable box to keep them organized on your desk.

rose gold thumbtacksThumbtacks

28. Letter Opener

Open your letters with ease and ensure none of the inside contents get ruined with this beautiful rose gold letter opener.

rose gold letter openerLetter Opener

29. Folders

Get your paper work organized with these marble and rose gold folders.

They are labelled to help you sort out how important each document is.

rose gold marble foldersFolders

31. Magnets

If you have a white board, add these pretty magnets to your office for a touch of glam.

rose gold magnet setMagnets

32. Name Plate

Show off your title with pride with a beautiful rose gold name plate.

boss lady rose gold desk signBoss Lady Name Plate

33. Clipboard

This stylish felt-backed rose gold clipboard will be the star of your office.

clear acrylic office clipboard a4 letter sizeAcrylic Rose Gold Clipboard

34. Wireless Smartphone Charger

Want an easier way to charge your phone and display your phone on your desk at the same time?

Ditch your regular cellphone USB charger cord for this elegant wireless smartphone charger and dock.  It’s convenient and easy to use!

rose gold wireless charger phone dockWireless Smartphone Charger Dock

35. Desk Mat

Last but not least, you can add a desk mat to your desk to protect the table and make writing more comfortable and smooth.

Blush Pink Dual-Sided Multifunctional Desk PadBlush Pink Dual-Sided Desk Mat

Looking for more work office decor?  Check out my post on 7 decorating ideas to inspire creativity and productivity.

rose gold desk accessories

Do you love rose gold office supplies as well? Let me know in the comments!


  1. simply katricia says:

    Those pens and the holder is so cute. I’d definitely get something like this for a work desk.

  2. Christine says:

    Looove this whole list of rose gold office supplies! Thanks for making it!

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