100 Things To Declutter From Your Home

things to get rid of clutter
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Having a clean and tidy space free of clutter is so important for a healthy mental state.

To start off the new year, an awesome home organizational goal that can help give you a fresh start is to declutter your home.

In this post, you’ll find 100 ideas on what types of things to declutter from your home for a cleaner space.

Why Decluttering Your Home Is Important

The word decluttering might sound stressful if you have a house full of things that you’ve accumulated over the years.

Maybe you’re a little bit of a hoarder and you absolutely need to keep everything that you’ve received and collected.

Having a home full of stuff can feel very anxiety-inducing and overwhelming.

Everywhere you turn, there’s something around the corner and it can really feel like there’s absolutely no room to breathe in your own home!

I find when my house is cluttered with things, it’s very hard to stay focused and productive especially when I’m working from home. I can’t concentrate and end up feeling disoriented, unmotivated, and just all over the place.

This is pretty bad if you need to get stuff done.

Having a purpose for everything in your house helps to keep clutter to a minimum and you’ll, in turn, feel way more organized, productive, in a better mood, and more relaxed and at ease in your home.

Plus, it’ll decrease the time it will take you to clean your house every week, which is always a win.

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Get Your Home Organized

Before we get into some of the things you can declutter, you’ll want to have a game plan of how to get your home organized.

With the Organized Home Course, you’ll learn how to implement strategies to make your home life more manageable and clean so that things stay organized and not messy, once and for all.

You’ll never need to feel embarrassed about guests coming over last minute (because no one ever has time to clean up the house before these times).

You’ll never feel anxious about where you’ve misplaced that single document that you just need right then and there.

And you won’t have to stress again about the state of your house when you should be using that time to relax with your loved ones at home.

With the Organized Home Course, you’ll create a practical system where you’ll arrange your home in a way that is organized so you don’t have to be a slave to the state of your home.

This is a wonderful extra resource for any chaotic household that needs more structure. Check out the course today.

What Should I Get Rid Of When Decluttering?

Basically, you should rid of anything and everything that is of no use to you anymore and is just collecting dust.

You might find after you declutter that you don’t even notice that these things are gone.

Having a clean and tidy space free of clutter is so important for a healthy mental state. A great home organizational goal is to declutter your home. Here are 100 ideas of things to declutter from your home for a cleaner space and to reduce anxiety and overwhelm. You'll feel more organized, productive, happy, and calm in your home. | home organization | home decor | get rid of clutter | minimalism | stress-free | clean house | decluttering your life | things to get rid of | decluttering tips

100 Things To Get Rid Of Clutter From Your Life

You can easily declutter your home by doing it in baby steps starting with one room at a time so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.

Here is a quick list of things to declutter right now to clean out your house sorted by room.


  1. Plastic cutlery that is never used
  2. Plastic takeout boxes
  3. Extra mugs
  4. Chipped glassware
  5. Excess cutlery
  6. Leaking plastic and glass containers
  7. Plastic and glass containers without a lid
  8. Reusable shopping bags that are never used
  9. Extra plates
  10. Extra bowls
  11. Old or leaking tumblers
  12. Extra or old kitchen appliances
  13. Expired food in the fridge
  14. Old or unused condiments
  15. Expired non-perishable items in the pantry
  16. Expired pet food
  17. Cleaning supplies that are never used
  18. Old cooking utensils
  19. Old or cracked cookware
  20. Extra plastic bags
  21. Old menus for takeout
  22. Expired store flyers
  23. Empty disposable water bottles
  24. Extra placemats
  25. Worn-out scrubbie sponges
  26. Finished alcohol cans and bottles
  27. Unused napkins that are piling up

clean kitchen clear of clutter


  1. Old, stained bedsheets
  2. Flat sheets that are never used
  3. Extra blankets and comforters
  4. Extra pillows
  5. Luggage that is damaged
  6. Extra hangers
  7. Extra alarm clocks


  1. Clothes from childhood
  2. Clothes that are no longer trendy
  3. Clothes and shoes that no longer fit
  4. Worn-out clothing and shoes with holes or are damaged
  5. Jewelry that is never worn (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc)
  6. Extra or worn-out purses
  7. Extra accessories that are never worn (scarves, hats, belts, socks, etc)
  8. Glasses that no longer fit your prescription
  9. Broken umbrellas
  10. Bras that no longer fit or are old

candles on a bathtub


  1. Old, expired makeup
  2. Makeup that is never used
  3. Old or goopy nail polish bottles
  4. Extra organizers and makeup storage holders
  5. Dull disposable razors
  6. Old toothbrushes
  7. Personal care items that are half-used and never reached for (hair and skin products)
  8. Hair appliances that are never used (hairdryer, curling iron, straightener, etc)
  9. Old loofahs
  10. Bathroom cleaning supplies that are never used
  11. Extra mini travel-size toiletry items
  12. Expired medication
  13. Old and shedding makeup brushes
  14. Expired sunscreen
  15. Old and damaged towels
  16. Travel-size perfumes and sample-size skincare or makeup products you never use

Living Room

  1. Extra couch pillows
  2. Couch throws that are never used
  3. Home decor items that no longer fit your style
  4. Candles that are done burning
  5. Old magazines
  6. Damaged pet toys
  7. Board games that are never played with
  8. Children’s toys that have been outgrown
  9. DVDs & CDs
  10. Wall art you no longer love
  11. Old, unused video game consoles
  12. Damaged remote controllers
  13. Empty photo albums
  14. Old Christmas cards

organized desk with pens and a calculator

Home Office Room

  1. Extra office supplies (pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, sticky notes, etc)
  2. Office supplies that no longer work because they’re dried out
  3. Extra folders
  4. Old receipts
  5. Extra notebooks
  6. Old paperwork for taxes
  7. Electronics that are damaged or never used
  8. Office furniture that you never use
  9. Pens and other office supplies that were freebies with advertising on them
  10. Old books
  11. Extra phone charging wires
  12. Damaged or extra connecting cables
  13. Old textbooks
  14. Admin forms and letters from years ago
  15. Old phone cases that don’t fit your current phone


  1. Old batteries
  2. Gardening tools you no longer use
  3. Extra nuts, bolts, and screws
  4. Shipping boxes from online shopping
  5. Instruction manuals for items you no longer have
  6. Indoor and outdoor home improvement tools that are never used
  7. Digital photos or videos that are duplicates
  8. Keys that you have no idea where they’re from
  9. Old lightbulbs
  10. Apps on your phone that are never used
  11. Baby items your kid has grown out of
  12. Maps you may still have from way back in the day

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What will you be doing to clear the clutter from your home this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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