The Ultimate Spring Bucket List: 75 Fun Things To Do This Spring

Ultimate Spring Bucket List
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As the weather finally gets warmer, it’s that time of year again to come out of your shell.

It’s springtime!

Spring is often signified as a time of renewal, where you metaphorically shed your old skin, revamp your space mentally and physically, and try new things.

Need some ideas on how to celebrate and start doing fun things as you head into the warmer season?

Check out the following 75 fun spring activities to do both indoors and outdoors in this spring bucket list for adults and families.

Let’s celebrate not needing to spend all your days and nights cooped up indoors anymore!

75 Spring Bucket List Ideas

springtime activities
1. Have an outdoor photoshoot in a flower field

A great spring outdoor activity is to have a photoshoot outside in a flower field. Such a great idea for a photo for the gram.

2. Walk in the rain and splash in the puddles with your rain Boots

Sometimes the perfect spring day is a rainy day. Enjoy the outdoors and stay dry by splashing in the puddles with your rain boots.

3. Go biking

If you enjoy staying active, rent a bike or buy your own if you don’t have one and enjoy the scenery wherever you are.

4. Create A fairy garden

Start your own magical miniature fairy garden and watch as your garden blooms.

5. Paint your nails with spring colors

Add some springtime colors to your nail polish collection. Don’t forget to add a top coat for extra shine.

6. Fire up the grill with a spring BBQ

Spring means it’s time to fire up the grill once again. Invite your family and friends over for a delicious BBQ to kick off the season.

7. Find a new trail to hike on

If you love hiking, find a new trail that you’ve never been on.

trail with vines and a wooden fence

8. Have a fun tea party in the garden with your friends

If you and your friends love all things tea, host a fun tea party in your garden and invite them over for tea and biscuits.

9. Decorate Easter eggs

Get a carton of eggs and get creative for Easter.

10. Have an Easter egg hunt

Once you’re done decorating the eggs from #9, have a fun Easter egg hunt with your family and friends.

11. Make a bird feeder and hang it

Watching birds feed from a bird feeder can be very satisfying. Make a bird feeder and hang it near your window so you can easily watch from home.

12. Go bird watching

If you love birds, bird watching is a great activity in the spring to do right from your window at home or when you’re outside.

13. Go on a spring break road trip

Sometimes a spring break road trip is just what you need to de-stress. Start the new season with new experiences outside of your usual environment.

14. Make spring crafts

If you’re a big time do-it-yourself person, pick a new craft you haven’t tried making before and spark your creativity.

things to add to your bucket list for spring break

15. Have a spring-themed bakeoff

Love desserts and other treats? Invite your friends over for a fun bake-off and see who makes the tastiest desserts.

16. Go kite flying

Sometimes a windy spring day calls for a great day for kite flying. Get your kite ready and join a fun day with other kite enthusiasts either at a dedicated kite festival or by yourself at the park.

17. go horseback riding

Head to a stable and add horseback riding to your list of fun things to do this spring. It’s a great way to stay active while connecting with animals and nature.

18. Plants trees for Earth Day

Do good for the environment by planting a tree for Earth Day.

19. Go on a scavenger hunt in nature

Like an Easter egg hunt, try a spring scavenger hunt in nature and enjoy the new season.

20. Clean up your yard

A new season means a great time to clean up your yard from the long winter months.

21. Make a spring vision board

Spring is a great time to renew your vision of how you want the rest of your year to go. Visualize what you want the remainder of the year to look like and make a vision board so you can look at it every day for motivation.

the ultimate list of fun spring themed activities

22. Build a treehouse

If you have room in your backyard and love spending time in nature, try building a fun treehouse.

23. Go outdoor go-karting

Head to your local racetrack and try go-karting for an exciting thrill.

24. Pick some fruit at an orchard

Head to your local orchard and pick some delicious fruits this spring.

25. Make a delicious smoothie of fruits you picked

With the fresh fruits you picked in #24, make a new smoothie recipe you’ve never tried.

26. Bake a delicious spring pie

Love all things pie? Bake a spring pie to celebrate the new season.

27. Go rock climbing

Get active and climb some rocks at your local rock climbing facility. You can also go bouldering if you prefer that.

28. Read a book with a cup of coffee on your porch

Sometimes, the best spring mornings are enjoyed slowly with a cup of coffee and a book on your porch while you listen to the sounds of birds chirping.

tulip bouquet on a desk with a laptop

29. Buy a spring bouquet to freshen up your home

Flowers can truly refresh a room. Inspire yourself and change your mood with a fresh new spring bouquet.

30. Go to a food truck festival

A food truck festival is always a fun event to go to in the spring.

31. Try a community yoga class in a park

Ring in the new season with a fun but relaxing session of yoga at your community park.

32. Head to an 18-hole golf course

For a fun but relaxing way to get more active this spring, head to a golf course while it’s still not too hot outside.

33. Go Mini golfing

Don’t think you can finish an 18-hole golf course? No problem. Try mini golfing instead for a different kind of fun.

34. Observe cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms only bloom once a year so don’t miss out!

35. Have a St. Patrick’s Day party

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by hosting a fun party.

36. Make green beer for St. Patrick’s Day

Make our own green beer for a fun and festive addition.

fun things to do in the spring

37. Paint some flowers from your garden

April showers bring May flowers. If you have a garden of beautiful flowers, add painting a picture of those beautiful flowers as part of your May bucket list.

38. Go on a wine tour at different wineries

If you love the taste of wine, go on a wine tour and try out an assortment of wines you’ve never tried.

39. Visit a farmer’s market

The perfect way to start off spring is a visit to a farmer’s market. Then come home and cook those delicious ingredients for a fantastic meal afterward.

40. Head to a botanical garden

Start the season with a visit to a beautiful botanical garden.

41. Go to a butterfly conservatory

If you love to look at live butterflies, take a visit to a butterfly conservatory.

42. Visit a spring festival

Spring is the best time to start heading outdoors again. Check your local festivals to see what is going on around you.

43. Go rollerblading

Rollerblading is a fun way to get active. For some extra protection, don’t forget some knee pads.

44. Go on a hot balloon ride

Celebrate the spring season with a hot balloon ride and see the beautiful sights as you float high above in the sky.

spring cottage bedroom

45. Re-arrange your furniture for the spring

Sometimes a home refresh is much needed. All you need to do sometimes is just re-arrange your furniture.

46. Go to a pond and feed some ducks

Head to a pond and listen to the tranquil sound of water while you spend a beautiful afternoon feeding the ducks.

47. Volunteer for a local cause

It’s never a bad time to start volunteering for a good cause. Check out your local charities and organizations to start giving back.

48. Go to your first patio outing of the year

If you love dining on patios, pick a beautiful day for your first patio outing of the season.

49. Join a softball league

Join a softball league and make some new friends while you stay active.

50. Go to a photography class

Learn a new skill by taking a photography class this spring.

51. Head to the drive-in theatre

Watch a new movie in a drive-in theatre for a different experience.

52. Plan out your summer vacation time off (road trip and more!)

Spring is the best time to start figuring out your summer plans. See what time you have off and start planning your upcoming vacation.

spring break bucket list

53. Visit an art show

Head to a local art show and get ready to feast your eyes and be inspired by beautiful art.

54. Go treetop trekking

For those more daring, try treetop trekking and become one with nature.

55. Go shopping for cute spring decor

Another great way to refresh your home for spring is to go shopping for cute spring decor pieces.

56. Go canoeing or Kayaking

The water is a great place to re-center your thoughts and just marvel at the peace and tranquility of nature. Head to a lake with your canoe or kayak this spring and enjoy the sights and sounds.

57. Go paddle boarding

Not a canoe or kayak person? Maybe try paddle boarding instead. If you’ve never done it, it’s actually quite a great way to work on your core strength.

58. Rent an RV

For the more adventurous, rent an RV and start traveling.

59. Go camping

Before the weather starts to get too hot, rent a campsite and try living in the wilderness.

60. Start creating your summer bucket list

Don’t have a summer bucket list yet? Check out my list of 50 fun things to do this summer.

spring teapot and plates in a cupboard

61. Do a deep spring cleaning

Aside from moving furniture around to refresh your home in activity #45, try a deep spring cleaning and decluttering for a renewed space for the season.

62. Hand wash your car

Give your car a good deep spring wash and vacuum to start the season off right.

63. Pick some wildflowers and make a bouquet

Sometimes the best bouquets are free. Go to a field and pick up some beautiful wildflowers.

64. Go to an amusement park

Have a fun day out by going on rollercoaster rides, playing games, and having funnel cake at an amusement park.

65. Have a garage sale

Have junk lying around from your decluttering? Get rid of that stuff and make space and money by having a garage sale.

66. Visit a zoo

For all animal lovers, visit a zoo for a fun time.

67. start a Flower garden

If you’ve always wanted to start a garden, there’s no better time than the spring to buy some flower seeds and plant them for a beautiful garden come summer.

spring green succulents

68. Start an herb garden

Rather plant some herbs than flowers? Buy some herb seeds. These homegrown herbs are also great to add to your home-cooked meals.

69. Go to a live music show outdoors

Love music? Attend a live outdoor music show featuring some of your favorite artists.

70. Go fishing

Head to the lake and catch some fish on a brisk spring morning or evening.

71. Go on a spring picnic

Start the season off with a delicious spring picnic.

72. Watch a live baseball game

Catch a live spring ball game as baseball season starts.

73. Learn how to play tennis

Before the weather gets too hot, head to the tennis courts for a friendly match.

74. Throw frisbees in the park

Have fun with your friends by throwing frisbees in the park on a nice warm, spring day.

75. Get your first scoop of ice cream for the year

It’s about the be ice cream season. Go to your favorite local ice cream joint for the first ice cream outing of the year.

spring bucket list ideas

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What are some of your favorite fun things to do in the spring? Let me know in the comments!

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