The Ultimate Summer Bucket List: 50 Fun Summer Activities For Adults

fun summer bucket list
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Spring has come and gone and the hottest days of the year are upon us.

Need some inspiration on what to do this season?

I’ve put together the ultimate summer bucket list with 50 fun things to do in the summer with friends and family.

50 Fun Summer Activities For adults

sun hat with sandals and a smoothie

1. Get a CityPass and explore your own city

2. Go hiking

3. Go glamping

4. Set up a tent in your backyard and go stargazing

5. Go fruit picking

strawberries in a carton

6. Visit a carnival and eat funnel cake

7. Go fishing

8. Rent a catamaran

9. Build sand castles

10. Go on a road trip

11. Go to the beach

summer sandals with a straw bag

12. Relax on a hammock

13. Collect seashells

14. Practice yoga on the beach

15. Plant flowers

16. Have a picnic at the park

summer hat with fruits and a water bottle

17. Head to a winery and go wine tasting

18. Visit an amusement park

19. Go golfing

20. Go on a bike ride

21. Rent an inflatable pool in your backyard

22. Visit some animals at the zoo

fun summer activities for adults

23. Play mini golf

24. Have a water balloon fight

25. Fly a kite

26. Have an outdoor tea party

27. Light fireworks

28. Make homemade ice cream and popsicles

cherry and strawberry fruit popsicle

29. Visit a butterfly conservatory

30. Go rollerblading by the lake

31. Go skydiving

32. Go treetop trekking

33. Go to a splash park

out of office sun hat with water bottle and sunglasses

34. Make root beer floats

35. Watch a movie at the drive-in theatre

36. Visit a local food festival

37. Go to a rave

38. Go kayaking

39. Have a pool party

pool with green plants

40. Have a staycation in a nearby town

41. Attend a horse race

42. Watch a parade

43. Go night swimming

44. Go to the local rodeo

45. Go flower picking

arranging plants in a jar

46. Go bar hopping with friends

47. Have a backyard BBQ

48. Go to a farmer’s market

49. Go on a hot air balloon ride

50. Visit a shooting range

More Summer Ideas

fun summer activities for adults

What is on your summer activities list?  Let me know in the comments!

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