Holiday Gift Guide 2023: 40 Best Wellness Subscription Boxes For Self-Care

best self-care gift boxes
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Everyone needs a breather sometimes and what better way to receive a little dose of happiness than with a monthly subscription box of self-care goodies shipped right to your door.

The best part of these subscription boxes are that they’re a total surprise so you’ll never know exactly what you’ll receive in each box, which makes them so much more fun.

If you’re looking to elevate your self-care or know of someone who needs some extra TLC, here are 40 of the best self-care and wellness subscription boxes.

40 Best Self-Care & Wellness Subscription Boxes

best self-care gift boxes

1. TheraBox

therabox subscription box

TheraBox is the ultimate self-care subscription box curated by therapists to help reduce stress, increase happiness, and inspire love.

Each box contains 1 happiness activity along with 5 to 7 self-care wellness products including aromatherapy, body and skincare, natural & organic bath, and so much more.

Give the gift of TheraBox today and use coupon code CJFIRST10 to get 10% off!

2. LoveGoodly

love goodly subscription box

LoveGoodly is the perfect gift box for cruelty-free and toxin-free lifestyle ladies.

Every other month, a box of full-sized goodies valued at over $80 will be mailed out right to their doorstep.

Help them discover awesome non-toxic beauty and skincare products along with eco-style or home accessories, healthy snacks and wellness products.

Give the gift of Love Goodly today and use coupon code GOODLY5 to get $5 off!

3. Feeling Fab

Feeling Fab subscription box

Feeling Fab is a subscription box that promotes self-love and wellness with its balancing self-care products and spiritual tools.

This is an excellent gift to remind your loved one that they’re worth it and to take time for themselves.

Each box includes 6 to 9 clean and natural beauty, skincare, and body care products for spiritual growth and stress reduction.

Give the gift of Feeling Fab today!

4. Simplicity Teas

simplicity teas subscription box

Simplicity Teas is a highly raved tea subscription box that sends 3 to 4 curated packs of organic loose-leaf packages to the recipient.

Each tea pack is blended to aid in detoxification and digestion, improve sleep, or include properties to improve beauty.

This is a great gift choice for tea lovers who seek a variety of teas to try.  They even include a cute reusable infuser in the first box!

Give the gift of Simplicity Teas today!

5. Enlightened Warrior Book Club

Enlightened Warrior Book Club subscription box

Enlightened Warrior Book Club is a monthly box that makes a great gift for book lovers who aspire to be the best version of themselves.

Each month, an inspiring fiction or non-fiction book will be sent along with local handmade items and other bonus items to help create a calm and relaxing environment at home.

Give the gift of Enlightened Warrior Book Club today!

6. 180° Self-Care Lifestyle Box

180 degree self-care lifestyle box

180° Self-Care Lifestyle Box is a unique self-care box to delight and pamper the mind, body and soul. This curated box will leave you more recharged with the delivery of a 6 to 9 full-size self-care and lifestyle items that induce joy and discovery.

Give the gift of 180° Box today and use coupon code FALL10 for 10% off!

7. TeaPrayLove

TeaPrayLove subscription box

TeaPrayLove is a bi-monthly self-care box to help rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with its great curated selection of loose leaf artisan tea, mindful books, and nurturing skin care.

Give the gift of TeaPrayLove today and use coupon code CRATEJOY10 to get 10% off!

8. The Quarterly

the quarterly subscription box

The Quarterly is a premium organic period care box that is sent right to their door every 3 months with curated organic pads or tampons, panty liners, comfort items, and organic snacks.

Hate when it’s the time of the month?  This box will definitely be there to instantly make them feel better and relieve their menstrual woes.

Give the gift of The Quarterly today!

9. Knit-Wise

Knit-Wise subscription box

Knit-Wise is a box that will help inspire them to create a new handmade project and learn a new skill with materials such as yarn, needles, and tools sent right to their home.

Knitting can be so therapeutic and is perfect to wind down after a long day.  No experience is required so it’s perfect for beginners.

Give the gift of Knit-Wise today and use coupon code KNITHAPPENS to get 15% off!

10. HopeBox

HopeBox subscription box

HopeBox is a thoughtfully curated box to reduce anxiety and inspire hope.

From books, aromatherapy, jewelry, candles, organic soaks, scrubs, masks, and more, this box will be sure to elevate their self-care.

Give the gift of HopeBox today!

11. InJoyBox

InJoyBox subscription box

InJoyBox is a monthly care package with 7 to 9 fun and encouraging items that will be sure to brighten up their day.  Add some joy with this fun and uplifting box.

Give the gift of InJoyBox today and use coupon code FIRSTBOXFREE to get your first box free!

12. Introverts Retreat

Introverts Retreat subscription box

Introverts Retreat is the ultimate box to relax, recharge and home alone.

This is an awesome box for ladies who love to be cuddled with a book in the comfort of their own company.

Included is a novel, a bookmark, a full-sized hand-poured scented soy candle, bath salts or a bar of handmade scented soap, loose leaf tea, and savory snacks.

Give the gift of Introverts Retreat today and get 50% off if you prepay for a 6 month subscription!

13. Sips By Box

Sips by Box subscription box

Sips By Box makes discovering new tea fun by matching tea drinkers with delicious teas from over 150 global tea brands.

Each month, 4 premium caffeinated or caffeine-free teas will be sent based on their preferences.

Give the gift of Sips By Box today!

14. Fire and Nice

fire and nice self-care subscription box
Fire and Nice is a monthly subscription box to help relax and decompress that will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Each box includes 6 to 8 full-sized, handcrafted self-care items curated around a theme. All boxes include a candle.

Give the gift of Fire and Nice today!

15. Scent Club Box

scent club box

Scent Club Box delivers clean consciously crafted fragrances for fragrance connoisseurs.

Each box includes a travel-friendly perfume roller and two to three scented surprises.

Give the gift of Scent Club Box today and use coupon code 1STBOXFREE for your first box free!

16. Spiritual Goodies Box

spiritual goodies subscription box

Spiritual Goodies Box is a magical self-care subscription box to help guide you through your self-growth and self-love journey.

This is lovely monthly box that bring you healing and positive energy with 5 to 7 full-sized quality products (from crystals, aromatherapy, spiritual growth tools, jewelry, healing body products) plus an affirmation card to help focus your thoughts and energy.

Give the gift of Spiritual Goodies Box today and use coupon code SG15 to get $15 off!

17. Shark Week Survival Kit

shark week survival kit subscription box

Periods don’t have to be a pain anymore with the Shark Week Survival Kit subscription box.

This box is a thoughtfully curated with every kind of women in mind. It includes organic sanitary napkins and tampons, on-the-go relief and period clean up tools, teas to ease symptoms of PMS, and other self-care products from small women owned businesses.

Give the gift of Shark Week Survival Kit today and use coupon code ENDLESSSUMMER for a discount!

18. Bombay & Cedar

Bombay & Cedar subscription box

Bombay & Cedar is a lifestyle subscription box full of vegan and cruelty-free products for wellness enthusiasts.

Each box contains 5 to 6 products (from oil diffusers, books, snacks, home goods, skin care, aromatherapy, and more) along with 2 Bombay & Cedar essential oils.

Give the gift of Bombay & Cedar today and use coupon code FIREWORKS25 to get 25% off!

19. Cater To Mom

Cater To Mom postpartum subscription box

Cater To Mom is every new and seasoned mama’s must-have subscription box for postpartum self-care.

Each month, a themed box of 6 to 8 curated items consisting of postpartum essential needs are sent to inspire them to add some extra self-care to their day. From bath and beauty products, teas, snacks, to self-care resources and tips, they’ll find aid in their postpartum journey. 

This makes a great baby shower gift for new moms.

Give the gift of Cater To Mom today!

20. Laurel & Reed

Laurel & Reed subscription box

Laurel & Reed is a luxury subscription box for anyone looking to add clean beauty to their self-care regimen.

Included are 3+ full-size cruelty-free and non-toxic beauty and skincare items, all shipped in a beautiful gift wrapped box.

Give the gift of Laurel & Reed today and use coupon code NEW15 for 15% off!

21. HER-MINE Box

her-mine self-care subscription box

HER-MINE Box is a self-love subscription box curated from women-owned businesses with the intention to shower yourself with love and care and promote rest.

Each monthly-themed box includes 5 to 8 full-sized high-quality self-care products.

Give the gift of HER-MINE Box today and use coupon code TRYHER20 for a special discount!

22. Goddess Provisions

goddess provisions subscription box

Goddess Provisions is the subscription box for all who are tapped into their spirituality.

Included in this dreamy box are 5 to 7 full-sized 100% vegan and cruelty free products ranging from crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, snacks, and tools for spiritual growth.

Each box has a value of approximately $80 to $100.

Give the gift of Goddess Provisions today!

23. Mindful Box

Mindful Box by Mindful Souls subscription box

Mindful Box is a monthly box designed to promote mindfulness and wellness and the products are hand-selected by therapists to help enhance your overall well-being, reduce stress, and improve your mood.

Each box incudes 6 to 8 items that range from self-care products, crystals, jewelry, beauty, aromatherapy, and other spiritual tools.

Give the gift of Mindful Box today and use coupon code 75OFF to get 75% off!

24. Rose War panty Power

Rose War Panty Power subscription box

Rose War Panty Power is an organic period, underwear, beauty, snack, and lifestyle subscription box sent to the recipient every month.

This curated box (with over $90 worth of product) contains 15 organic pads or tampons, 2 undies, 3 to 5 lifestyle gifts, and snacks. All are natural, organic, and 100% cruelty-free items.

Give the gift of Rose War Panty Power today!

25. Bath Bevy

Bath Bevy subscription box

Bath Bevy is the ultimate box to elevate any bath experience.

This box is perfect for bath lovers with carefully curated handmade products, including bath bombs, bubble bars, bath salts, scrubs, and soaps, from indie bath and body brands.

Give the gift of Bath Bevy today and use coupon code 1STBOXFREE to get your first box free!

26. The Mental Wealth Box

The Mental Wealth Box subscription box

Mental Wealth Box is an inspiring box for exploring mental health and practicing self-care.

It includes 4 to 6 creative tools that are carefully curated to help better understand and improve mental health, from yoga techniques, educational books, essential oils, journals, natural remedies, and more.

Give the gift of Mental Wealth Box today!

27. Nature’s Wellness Box

Nature's Wellness Box subscription box

Nature’s Wellness Box is a lifestyle and aromatherapy-based subscription box featuring 100% non-toxic, cruelty-free products.

These products are hand-selected, natural, and vegan – perfect for health conscious women.

Give the gift of Nature’s Wellness Box today and use coupon code FIRSTBOX10 to get 5% off!

28. Succulents Monthly

Succulents Monthly subscription box

Taking care of plants can be very therapeutic and quite fun.

Succulents Monthly is a high-quality curated collection of succulent plants, pots, and fun gardening tools, all shipped right to the plant parent’s door.

Give the gift of Succulents Monthly today and use coupon code PLANTS10 to get 10% off!

29. WickBox

wickbox candle subscription box

WickBox is a must-have subscription box for any candle lover.

With their monthly box, the recipient will receive a luxury lead-free candle curated based on their scent preferences.

The cool thing is that once the candles have done burning, their candle containers are reusable to hold jewelry, makeup storage, or make great home decor pieces.

Give the gift of Wickbox today and use coupon code 1STBOXFREE to get your first box free!

30. Merkaela

Merkaela subscription box

Merkaela is an all-natural, organic, and chemical-free subscription box with wellness products delivered right to their door so they can live a more holistic life in mind, body, and spirit.

Each box includes 6 to 8 self-care and wellness items.

Give the gift of Merkaela today!

31. The Adults & Crafts Crate

The Adults & Crafts Crate subscription box

Crafting is a great way to practice self-care and slow down the mind.

Gift them the The Adults & Crafts Crate, the ultimate craft projects subscription box for adults and teens alike.

Each month, a different craft will be sent so they can learn a new craft technique.  Best of all, all tools, materials, accessories, and instructions will be provided.

Give the gift of The Adults & Crafts Crate today!

32. Chakra Box

Chakra Box subscription box

Chakra Box is an awesome gift box for all things spiritual.

Every month, 9 to 12 vegan and cruelty-free spiritual items and meditations will be sent to enhance the body, mind, and spirit.

All items are chosen to correlate with each Chakra and help with the quest to better well-being.

Give the gift of Chakra Box today and use coupon code SUMMERLOVE to get 15% off!

33. Bath Blessing Box

Bath Blessing Box subscription box

Bath Blessing Box takes bathing to the next level.

This premium subscription box will send 5 to 8 artisan, natural, and essential oil-based bath and body products to help transform their bath and shower experiences.

Give the gift of Bath Blessing Box today and use coupon code WELLNESS25 for a discount!

34. Loti Wellness

Loti Wellness subscription box

Loti Wellness is a premium wellness box that provides the tools and strategies to cope with life’s challenges.

These items are curated by therapists to help reduce anxiety and boost a positive mindset.

Give the gift of Loti Wellness today and use coupon code SUBSCRIBE10 to get 10% off!

35. Modern Skyn Apothecary

modern skyn apothecary subscription Box
Modern Skin Apothecary is a bi-monthly bath and body ritual subscription box that every skin care lover will love.

It contains 5 full-sized, all-natural skin care products that are customized and handpicked to your liking.

Give Modern Skin Apothecary as a gift today and use coupon code SELFCARE for a discount!

36. Self Blossom Box

self blossom box

Self Blossom Box is the perfect self-care package box for people on the quest of personal growth and on the road to leading more fulfilled lives.

Each box comes with 8 to 10 wellness and self-care items aimed for growing your potential. You’ll also join the Self Blossom community and gain early access to subscriber only content.

Give the gift of Self Blossom Box today and use coupon code 1STBOXFREE for your first box free!

37. The Craft And Tea Box

The Craft and Tea Box Subscription Box

The Craft And Tea Box is a fun subscription box that’ll inspire creativity and promote wellbeing.

Each month, a new craft (from embroidery to painting) and a box of decadent loose leafs teas with enough for 15 to 20 delicious cups will be sent to their door. Perfect to help their mind switch off from the every day grind.

Give the gift of The Craft And Tea Box today!

38. The Spiritual Spark

The Spiritual Spark Subscription Box

The Spiritual Spark is a monthly subscription box that helps sparks the most authentic self through ritual and self-care.

Each themed box comes with 4 to 6 wellness products to bring their personal growth and self-care practice to a whole new level through mind, body, and ritual.

From organic bath, body, and skincare products, personal development resources, and lifestyle goodies, to ritual tools such as candles and aromatherapy, the products will be sure to help create a stronger connection to one’s self. It even includes a bonus themed affirmation card and free monthly crystal.

Give the gift of The Spiritual Spark today!

39. My Garden Box

My Garden Box subscription box

My Garden Box is another must-have box for therapeutic and rewarding garden projects.

Each subscription box comes with live indoor and outdoor plants, visually illustrated instructions, garden care tips, and other ingredients to help them create their own fun, magical garden.

Give the gift of My Garden Box today and use coupon code PLANTS10 to get 10% off!

40. My Me Time Box

My Me Time Box subscription box

My Me Time Box is a thoughtfully curated self-care box made for busy women from moms, entrepreneurs, caregivers, to teachers who just never have the time and need to recharge and reset.

This box includes one self-care activity and 6 to 8 products from aromatherapy, bath and skin products, snacks, candles, accessories, and more.

Give the gift of My Me Time Box today and use coupon code MYFIRSTBOX to get 20% off!

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Which self-care subscription boxes will you be gifting your friends, family, and loved ones this holiday season?

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